1G Servers Review – Pros, Cons, Features & Pricing

1G Servers Review – Pros, Cons, Features & Pricing

Gone are the days when only large organizations were in frantic need to lease Dedicated Servers so they could easily enhance their network performance as well as data storage and backup services. It’s a new era the size of the business no longer determines the potential of your network.
There are several benefits of having a Dedicated Server at your peril. In literal terms, it’s just a single computer which you use on a rental basis to handle one’s web server, network, speed, storage, and backup facilities at a single place, provided by the hosting company itself.
Dedicated servers enable you the joy of privacy; the user need not worry about their servers being shared with any other entity. Your resources belongs to you and your server resources will never be shared with an outside party in any way.
Another plus point of having a Dedicated Server is that your server’s physical security will likely never be compromised. With everything in mind, one must always choose a host which excels in providing only premium quality Dedicated Servers.
In this review, I present to you 1G Servers, which is not similar to your regular host. 1G Servers is devoted at offering only the most premium dedicated servers the market has ever seen.


1G Servers is a reputable US-based company which is best known for providing one of the finest Dedicated Servers in the entire hosting industry. The team at 1G Servers is a firm believer that a customer could only be satisfied with outstanding performance, along with the highest bandwidth possible.
They exert their energies and work solely for the purpose of making the management of dedicated servers better, and a whole lot easier for the audience. Along with a wide variety of hardware options for you, 1G Servers offers remarkable features which are
definitely worth spending on. Let’s take a look at what makes 1G Servers stand out from other hosts out there.


1. The most supreme network

One of the best things about 1G Servers’ network is that its dual stacked. They have IPv4 and IPv6 which could be accessed free of cost, upon user’s request. This ensures that your data is delivered faster than ever and there is never a chance for any kind of uproar in the speed.
They also optimize the Juniper MX480 router which works excellently for the data delivery and the network is constantly monitored for any chaos.
The bandwidth is also unmatchable and the overall network calculation clearly determines that 1G Servers’ network is paramount, thanks to its routed approach with private and public peering.

1g servers

2. State-of-the-art cooling system

When you store your entire workload on a single server, it’s bound to heat up one way or another. The heating of the hardware is a serious issue that most companies don’t understand and take lightly, which results in a disruption in the user’s network performances.
When the hardware heats up, it creates tension around the entire system and could easily affect the server’s uptime. 1G Servers, on the other hand, has a world-class cooling system installed ever since the establishment of the company in 2012. This cooling system utilizes a chilled water solution and works as a means to keep the hardware cool at all times.

3. Strongest security

The kind of safety a dedicated server ensures is extraordinary. Dedicated servers are highly preferred these days for a variety of reasons. One of them is, of course, the security solutions. 1G Servers provides splendid physical security approach to users and protects their own hardware with armed security.
In other words, 1G Servers prevents physical attacks because they have full-time physical protection provided by retired US military and police hence, no one could even fathom getting into their back-end networks.

4. Around-the-clock customer support desk

Leasing a Dedicated server at your peril is no child’s play. Some people are under the assumption that it’s all cake walk; well, let me burst your bubble real quick. You are definitely going to require technical help if you’re ever going to rent dedicated servers. Every now and then, you would have to ping your provider; otherwise, the whole experience wouldn’t be peaceful. You’d need a company who is there for you around-the-clock, should you ever need them.
1G Servers is a provider which never gives up on the customers. They promise to be of service whenever the user reaches out. Just easily ping them if you’re ever stuck with a complication, and the 1G Servers team will rush to your rescue within minutes.



1G Servers’ Auto deployed dedicated servers are ranging from just $54.00/mo, all the way till $99.00/mo. The RAM and drives may vary upon your pricing package; however, the bandwidth remains 20TB on 1gbps for all plans, but can be upgraded when signing up.

1g servers

Customizable Servers

You can customize your own server and its configurations such as memory, disk, and network according to your requirements. Customizable servers are starting at just $69.00/mo.



  • Affordable prices
  • Powered by carrier-class Juniper MX480 routers
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Multiple Tier 1 carriers
  • Multiple IP addresses via pre-authorization
  • Automated remote reboots



  • Only offers dedicated services
  • No SLA offered


The whole hassle of having to share the servers with several other people can get pretty dull eventually. It works fine for some people since it’s obviously cheaper that way but a lot of people are preferring to lease them nonetheless even when they don’t have extensive requirements so as to lease a dedicated server.
Whether you want a dedicated server for enhanced performance and physical security, or for better flexibility, you must go for a web host which fulfills every requirement and doesn’t lack in any aspect. I’ve personally optimized 1G Servers, and so far I’ve only had minor issues with their services. Thanks to the dual stacked networks, the performance is faster than ever and the network
quality is beyond premium. They have water cooling solution which helps to keep the hardware cool at all times.
1G Servers also have armed security guards protecting their hardware and thus ensuring the safest environment. The team is friendly and easy to connect with and they are always willing to take the extra mile to give you the satisfaction you require.
Honestly, in such economic prices, 1G Servers is one of the dedicated server providers out there. Do give them a try!

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