AlphaRacks Review – Quality Hosting For Your Website

AlphaRacks Review – Quality Hosting For Your Website

The never-ending world of the Internet is something we cannot get enough of no matter wherever we go. From children to grandpas, pretty much everyone is addicted to the good ol’ world of the Internet. It’s absolutely taken over the whole globe.
For individuals as well as for businesses, being online has become as necessary as breathing air. After all, the Internet is like oxygen for global marketing.
As a consequence, more and more people are taking the extra mile and making their trade known to the world through websites. Nowadays, it’s said that if your business doesn’t exist online; it doesn’t exist, period.
Therefore, what better way to offer what you’ve got under your sleeve other than websites? However, with the increasing wave of competition, it’s become equally important to choose an adequate web hosting provider. It’s smart to keep in mind that not every host is suitable for your website needs.
You’d be wise to choose among the most trusted and renowned hosting companies if you wish to derive the performance you seek. In this article, I’ll be reviewing one such company called AlphaRacks and will thoroughly describe my experience with their hosting services.


AlphaRacks does complete justice to its name. It’s an absolute alpha and a beast in the hosting market. The company was initially established in 2006 and ever since, they never strayed from the road of constant improvement and development.
Over the years, AlphaRacks has done a brilliant job and rose to prominence in the industry among other successful hosting companies. They’ve made a name out of themselves by serving only the premium quality hosting services.
Their servers are blazing-fast and despite having so much traffic on their networks, the websites hosted with them never face any downtime whatsoever. They take splendid security measures and their services are definitely worthy of praise.


1. Absolute management of the websites

Once hosted with AlphaRacks, your website is completely taken under their wing. You needn’t worry about your website being unavailable or facing downtime; they’ve got everything covered.
They help the customers in deciding the best hosting plans, fresh updates regarding the websites are accordingly delivered, and the team always act as guides for the users in case a complication sparks up.
If you are still not satisfied with the management, the user can also purchase server management from AlphaRacks as well. You can have the utmost authority to seek system administration around-the-clock and AlphaRacks is obliged to provide it to you.

2. Immediate deployment

Many web hosting providers have had a bad habit of charging me money for the hosting packages and not delivering the hosting for days on end. It can get pretty exhausting, having to wait for your control panel login details so you could host your website. It’s a duty of a web host to grant instant deployment so the user doesn’t live to regret making the purchase in the first place.
AlphaRacks, thankfully, didn’t disappoint me in that area. I was immediately granted deployment after I made a purchase and started operating on my website in no time.

3. The Upgrades are worth of note

One of the best things while being hosted with AlphaRacks is their ability to constantly offer upgrades. Websites are like stock markets- highly unpredictable. You may never realize when and how you’ll start receiving major traffic on your site. It happens in the blink of an eye.
You always need to enhance the performance of your site; otherwise, it would lag and wouldn’t live up to the expectations.
AlphaRacks offers regular updates in your hosting package so you can easily alter the bandwidth allocation, uplinks, and backup storages according to your website requirements. Isn’t that just jolly?

4. Remarkable uptime response

Throughout all the months I was hosted with AlphaRacks- if there was one thing which surprised me to bits was, of course, the uptime response. It wasn’t long before I came to the conclusion that AlphaRacks is indeed one of the best web hosts with the most superlative uptime possible.
The awesome uptime is AlphaRacks’ specialty and therefore, they blow every other host right of the water. Their servers usually have very high traffic and even so, the SLA response is first-class.
People pay large amounts of money to ensure their website stays online 24/7 and still get dissatisfied with the results they get. AlphaRacks makes sure that under no circumstance, will your website stay down for long.

5. 24/7 customer support granted

If you’re new in the hosting market, you should know that you’re going to require technical knowledge every once in a while. Hosting your website and making it available for the whole world to see is no cake walk.
On the other hand, every web host is unique in its own way. Unless you’re some sort of a genius, you are going to need some guidance while you host your site with AlphaRacks.
There is never an issue of time-zones with AlphaRacks since they are available to customers, day in and day out. You can reach them easily via support tickets and they’d be down to help you whenever you want.


Web hosting

AlphaRacks’s Shared hosting is starting only at $3.50/mo.
AlphaRacks’s Reseller, Master Reseller, and Alpha Reseller packages are starting from $6.95/mo, $9.95/mo, and $19.95/mo respectively.

Virtual Private Servers

AlphaRacks’s OpenVZ and KVM virtual servers are starting at $4.99/mo.
SSD KVM VPS are starting at $3.99/mo.
Windows VPS is starting at $9.95/mo.

Dedicated Servers

Hybrid Dedicated servers are starting from $38/mo.
Single Processor servers are starting from $119/mo.
Dual Processor servers are starting from $219/mo.
High bandwidth servers are starting at just $129/mo only.



  • Affordable and economical hosting services
  • 99.9% SLA uptime response
  • Absolutely secure and fast servers
  • Compatible with both SSD and HDD drives
  • Powered by the IMPI motherboard



  • The sales department could use some development since there aren’t more than 2-3 individuals working in that sales sector

Final verdict

Well, there you have it. I’ve narrowed down a few solid features which make AlphaRacks stand out tall in the hosting market and its competition. I’ve never been one to sugarcoat my reviews and when I say this, I say it with utmost solace; AlphaRacks deserves a spot in the top 5 web hosts I’ve ever tried.
Its servers are lightning fast, the uptime is commendable, the top-notch upgrades are praise-worthy and overall, it’s a web host worth trying out.
If you’ve still got some questions, you can contact their team via support tickets and they are guaranteed to respond back within mere minutes.

6 thoughts on “AlphaRacks Review – Quality Hosting For Your Website

  1. this place is the worst! feels like the reviewer hasn’t tried them at all. TRY before review.. It is the worst hosting experience in my life! they are so bad, it makes me want to shout everywhere how bad they are.. no customer service, not replying any tickets, telling me to fix stuff i have no access to.. it’s the WORST

  2. All AlphaRacks servers have now been down for a week and counting.
    So much for “You needn’t worry about your website being unavailable or facing downtime; they’ve got everything covered.”!

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