Hosting Stak’s Forex VPS Review – Check Out Best Forex VPS In The Industry

Hosting Stak’s Forex VPS Review – Check Out Best Forex VPS In The Industry

Nowadays, finding a web hosting provider which serves customers from the Forex Market is really rare to come by. Web hosts are either offering basic services or some are supplying hosting for businesses. Solutions for Forex VPS, which offers programs for both brokers and traders, is really occasionally seen.
On top of that, in this modern era of technicality, there are loads or loads of frauds and risk which must be avoided at all costs. So, one has to be extra cautious when thinking about opting for adequate Forex VPS. A Forex VPS should provide good quality services as well steady support so you could always rely on them and exceed the customer’s expectation instead of disappointing them.
Upon searching for a while, I discovered Hosting Stak. I liked what they were offering so I decided to get set up with their Forex VPS and in only a few days, I started seeing an uninterrupted and risk-free balance in their hosting.


Hosting Stak has been in the IT business for years based in UK, it was initiated with the aim to helping customers derive maximum satisfaction from their hosting services. The company is originally London based; however, they have supplied their solutions to top most brands all over the world.
Dedication and commitment towards clients is a core priority of the team at Hosting Stak. Their Forex VPS hosting is by far the most proficient among other excellent solutions. It is especially beneficial for those who wish to have a risk-free and safe Automatic Forex trading.


1. Smarter in Generating Money

Forex VPS is the fastest and most steady way to making money. While I was hosted with Hosting Stak, I wasn’t sure about them initially and a bit paranoid about the risks regarding the Forex Market. However, after I was set up with them, I started seeing interrupted outcomes in quite a short period of time.
On top of that, I was deprived of the risks as well, all thanks to Hosting Stak’s Forex VPS services. It wasn’t long before I put my faith in them and since then wasn’t the least bit disappointed.

2. Easy Interface and Management

Forex VPS is effortlessly easy to use and optimize. When I was set up, I had no trouble managing the web-based cpanel which, of course, had unlimited access. In addition, it already came totally configured and ready-to-use, so I could control my own Forex VPS the way I wanted.
I think it’s a wonderful trait to allow the users their independence so they would be able to manage on their own, without the need of a technical expert.
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3. One-Click Installation

When I first decided to get hosted by Hosting Stak, I was a bit anxious over its set up, to be honest. I am not much into technicality for two reasons; it is complex and time-consuming. However, soon enough I discovered that Hosting Stak was granting the users a One-click auto installation in order to spare us all the trouble and time.
I just had to click one mere button and hurray! I was officially hosted with Hosting Stak’s Forex VPS. This feature is indeed efficiently brilliant since it saves a lot of your precious time, and not to mention a headache if you’re not a fan of the technical stuff.

4. Smooth and Steady Performance

Each one of Hosting Stak’s VPS is hosted in French and Germany only (currently). You might not believe it, but it works astoundingly in their favor since it brings in fastest network performances and smooth outflow of work.
I was thoroughly pleased with Hosting Stak since I was given 8Tb of bandwidth, and access to topmost speed in both download and uploads, along with 99.99% uptime guarantee.

5. Strict Security

I decided to get hosted with Hosting Stak with the knowledge that all of its VPSs are created with the most powerful, yet safest solutions. Their Forex VPS easily shines when it comes to the toughest security. Most of all, I was pleased with the DDoS protection I got.
I think all of you should be aware that Hosting Stak is offering a splendid anti-DDoS software which is raid protected, thus ensuring utmost safe and secure Forex VPS possible.

6. Constant Support Available

I was thrilled to know that the team of Hosting Stak realizes that instant customer support is crucial. It’s a natural thing for queries to pop up, some of which I was able to sort out myself, while some were just too complex for me to solve. Hence, I decided to contact Hosting Stak through email. I honestly did not expect them to respond within a few minutes, but they did.
The team members were highly professional, and at the same time amazingly friendly. Once my complication was known, they set out to resolve it immediately. Sure enough, only in a mere hour, I had all of my troubles fixed.


Hosting Stak is offering three packages of Forex VPS known as Basic, Basic Plus and Standard, payable for €29.99/mo, €49.99/mo and €69.99/mo respectively.

Visit Hosting Stak Forex VPS

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  • Impressive 24/7 customer service
  • Highly simplistic web-based Control Panel
  • MetaTrader 4/5 Support and Auto Startup
  • Dedicated IP
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee



  • No live support, only via client area and email

Final Verdict

Hosting Stak’s Forex VPS is amazingly fast and reliable. Before optimizing it, I didn’t trust it one bit. After all, who would trust something, they haven’t used themselves? Although, ever since I was officially a Hosting Stak consumer, a boulevard of totally new opportunities opened for me. I could host platforms and applications which were not concerned with the Forex Market as well.
That’s right, for installing any Windows application on my PC, I was allowed to use Forex VPS. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any cooler, I was given entirely configured and ready setting, so all I had to do was install the program and start using Forex VPS right away.
I mean, you simply cannot ask for more, can you? I was completely satisfied with Hosting Stak’s Forex VPS service, I am sure you’ll be too. Let me know your feedback.

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