Clickadu Review – Best Ad Network

Clickadu Review – Best Ad Network

Advertisements are considered as the golden birds in today’s era of the Internet.
Do you want to open a powerful business? Well, then how would you promote its growth? Through ads, of course. Or for instance, you’ve created a simple static website for your architecture firm and you want to lure potential customers your way. How would you attract customers? No surprises there; through ads.
Well personally for me, ad networks have always been a great deal of help. I run a couple of blogs and to monetize them, it’s a necessity to derive traffic on them. Without the traffic, there’s really no hope. If you can’t bring viewers on your posts, you’d be blogging in vain.
I’ve relied on quite a few ad networks over the last couple of years. I prefer going for less renowned alternatives as I personally find them to be more reasonable in terms of their services. One such ad network I was fortunate enough to get acquainted with after a viewer suggested it to me.
I’d commented somewhere that I was looking for video-pre roll and banner ad services since the former ad network I was using didn’t offer these advertising formats. Luckily a user goes, “Have you tried Clickadu? They offer not just video pre-rolls and mobile push up ads but four other formats along with these two.”
It was then when I gave Clickadu a shot and haven’t looked back since.


Clickadu was established in 2014 and in just 5 years, they’ve been in giving severe competition to some of the major ad networks. They have over 250 million impressions every day with over 250,000 conversions on a daily basis.
Clickadu’s website claims that they have run more than 6500 active campaigns till date and over 1300 publishers have been recorded on Clickadu actively. The campaign optimization is fully managed with high eCPMs in over 240 countries.
Monetizing your traffic has never seemed easier before thanks to Clickadu’s multi-format advertising. I’ve tried quite a few ad networks and only a handful of them offered multiple formats of advertising.
Fill and CR rates are especially Clickadu’s forte and they will keep on exceeding your expectations. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Clickadu’s features:


1. Available advertising formats

Push Up Dialog ads- Push Up dialog ad is a dialog window which appears on your smartphone. The majority of people nowadays prefer surfing the internet over their mobile phones rather than using computers. When the ad window pops up, the users receive a message when they tap on the screen.
Clickadu’s mobile dialog ads are compatible with every smartphone and are highly Google friendly.
Video pre-roll ads- This particular format is my favorite. It enables a promotional video to be played when a user is browsing on either a mobile or laptop. Whenever a user tries to open a website or a page, a 10-15 seconds video randomly starts playing and catches the user’s attention.
Almost all video formats are supported and Clickadu utilizes the IAB VAST 3.0 protocol which is commendable. eCPM starts from $0.3 and Tier 1 is payable at just $1.
SKIM- It basically consists of a custom link that you insert on your website and after doing so, an ad pops up in front of the user. This ad format assures higher CR and CPM rates and gives you more authority of your advertising than any other format.
Pop Under ads- When the user browses a certain page and then happens to click on a link; along with the link, a separate browser window opens at the same time. A Pop-under ad is often neglected by the users. While it does wonders for some, it brings low CPM rates for others.
Push Notification- It sounds complicated, but is not. You can engage with the user even when they are not browsing the internet. All you’ve got to do is get them to subscribe through a special invitation and when the user accepts, you’re entitled to send them notifications whenever you fancy.

2. Campaign optimization

One of the best things about Clickadu is that campaign optimization is managed top to bottom. Creating a campaign with them is now a walk in the park. There is no fuss of learning how to handle management and after selecting from the two modes given; CPM and SmartCPA, you cstart monetizing your traffic right away.

3. Payment options

One of the best things about Clickadu is that they have a variety of payment options available. I am not a fan of bitcoins but many service providers insist on channeling payments through it. Many users also don’t use PayPal or even WebMoney. Good thing Clickadu accepts PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer, Bitcoins, Web transfer, ePayments, Paxum, and Epese.
Bitcoin has a minimum payout of $50 and PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer, ePayments, Paxum, and Epese have a minimum payout of $10 while wire requires at least $1000.

4. Regulations and restrictions

When you become an affiliate, there are certain lines you shouldn’t cross. It’s a responsibility of an affiliate network to guard the regulation policies and at the same time not let the publishers limit their approach.
Frauds are strictly intolerable and although there are a few casino sites accessible, Clickadu does not condone any kind of betting. As long as you don’t access questionable sites and stick to the confines of what is acceptable, you should be fine. Clickadu can access controversial or graphic content as well but it’d be wise not to stretch the rules.



  • A wide variety of advertising formats
  • Top-notch traffic quality and targeting
  • Bot and malware filtering
  • Self-serve platform and user-friendly
  • 24/7 support via Skype and email
  • 360-degree ad functionality



  • None that I could find

Final Verdict

People make blogs just so they can monetize them. If you cannot monetize the blog, all of your time and energy cannot be channeled. To monetize your blogs, you need to gain constant traffic on your pages. I think the best approach for boosting conversion rates and monetizing your site is Clickadu.
It’s a quality platform for both advertisers and publishers. It’s one of those rare networks which offers maximum fill rates and creating campaigns is easier than ever. It is fully optimized and managed.
If you want your site to thrive, I’d suggest you get acquainted with Clickadu soon. It’s quite new in the affiliate market, but it leaves no stones unturned.

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