Edis.at KVM Hosting Review – Detailed Pros, Cons & Pricing

Edis.at KVM Hosting Review – Detailed Pros, Cons & Pricing

KVM virtualization is far more superior than OpenVZ has ever been. Not only does KVM virtualization allow you to be independent of your host node, but it also gives you absolute privacy which means that other users hosted on the same server as yours, cannot disturb you or affect you in any way.
I’ve always been a fan of KVM services for years. I was looking for a premium KVM VPS hosting provider for ages now. I don’t know why but it has been tougher than I thought to come across a quality host that was focused whole-heartedly on KVM virtualization.
There are many reasons why customers, including myself, prefer KVM solutions. The environment of KVM VPS is more private than others, more secure and highly configurable. There are very rare chances of your IP address being marked as malicious and you get CPU and RAM resources.
The first time I spotted EDIS, I ignored it as it was a bit scattered. I was looking for a company that was dedicated to KVM VPS solutions only and EDIS didn’t meet that dynamic. Soon after reading feedbacks on many review sites, I figured I should give EDIS a try.
Long story short, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


EDIS is a Vienna based company that thrives in web hosting and virtualization industry in Austria. It is, in fact, amongst the first providers to launch Virtualization back in 2004 with usermode linux “UML”, when Virtualization technology was still unheard of at the time.
EDIS is globally recognized for its wide range of hosting solutions and renowned amongst the leading VPN providers for delivering top-notch infrastructure.
The company’s data centers are scattered all across the world and have KVM-virtualized server locations in countries such as Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Austria, Chile, Russia, etc.
The team at EDIS is professional and friendly at the same time. The team also makes sure that your KVM is dispatched with a Linux distribution that has been selected according to your reference only. Multiple distributions include CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.
As far as KVM VPS is concerned, EDIS does not sway on the expensive side, but at the same time, cannot be considered cheap either. The network quality, the uptime, speed and other aspects considered, I’d say EDIS is worth a shot.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at the amazing set of features that EDIS offers-


Installation & Setup

I wouldn’t exactly call the setup of a KVM VPS service a cakewalk. It’s much more complex than hosting providers usually let on. Many users don’t even grasp the basic understanding of Virtualization. In such a case, the installation should entirely rest upon the shoulder of the KVM service provider.
EDIS, thankfully, dispatches the KVM VPS packages with your preferred Linux Distribution and handles the installation from scratch. When I got installed with EDIS, I encountered that the set up was complicated, to say the least. I definitely couldn’t have done it without the help EDIS provided.
In addition to that, EDIS offers a rather significant privilege to all the KVM VPS users. KVM-virtualization is something that can help in making your business thrive. However, if you don’t know enough about it, it is also hard to manage.
If you ever come to realise that EDIS is not an adequate host for you, you can cancel your KVM plan at any time. This is convenient and spares you from spending money on services which you aren’t utilizing.

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Around-the-clock Monitoring

The user can easily enable the proactive monitoring feature that monitors the servers and applications 24/7, throughout the year. Monitoring the server is a crucial and necessary step to avoid questionable activities from taking place. Your peace could get disrupted, therefore, EDIS assures complete monitoring and tracks the availability status on your VPS. The proactive feature is a significant characteristic and because of the monitoring, you can stay one level ahead on your VPS game.
The monitoring also helps in keeping the servers at the peak of their performance. If you aren’t aware of everything that goes on your KVM-virtualized server, you wouldn’t be able to maximize the speed of your dataflow. EDIS has fully redundant SSD-based drives that kickstart the speed on your servers, and the proactive feature ensures that your applications are running smoothly and speedily.

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Customer’s Privacy

One of the best things aboit EDIS is that along with adopting the finest security measures known to mankind, it knows when to draw a line and give authority of the users. Even though EDIS manages the hostnodes of your KVM machines, it doesn’t have access to anything else except for kernel patches and hypervisor updates. If you wish for the team to handle any of your updates or patching, you can grant a service-contract to EDIS, only then are they able to manage the internal queries of your plan as well.
EDIS understands your concerns for privacy and leaves no stones unturned in providing the most secure KVM VPS experience possible.

Top-notch Support

Customer satisfaction is the primary priority at EDIS. Whenever a user requires the aid of the technical team, it is provided no matter what time of the day it is. The technicians are available to sort out your queries and provide maximum satisfaction so you can boost your KVM outcome and maximize the performance of your virtualized servers.


EDIS has a wide variety of KVM VPS plans. You can select the one which suits your requirements perfectly and hence pay only for the number of resources that are needed. There are about 10 plans in total and they are ranging between $5.9/mo to $58.80/mo.
Prices all include 20% Austrian VAT.
VAT will be removed if you are based outside the European Union. Within Europe local VAT rules apply.

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  • IPv4 and IPv6 included
  • Anytime cancellation
  • One month free on annual pay
  • SSD powered
  • Enterprise Hewlett Packard infrastructure
  • Auto security updates
  • 24/7 monitoring and support



  • No automated backups provided

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it. A lot of my viewers were asking for premium KVM VPS services for a while now. Honestly, the former provider I was hosted with wasn’t worth a review so I kept waiting for a better provider to come along. Suffice to say, my patience paid off since I became acquainted with EDIS.
EDIS is a strong contender in the KVM market. It is undoubtedly one of the very few hosts that snatched a place in my good graces in such a short time. It has everything that a quality KVM service provider must bestow.
I recommend EDIS and strongly suggest you give it a shot. Share your views with me if you’ve already used EDIS sometime in the past.

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