Offshore Hosting Review – Flaunt7

Offshore Hosting Review – Flaunt7

There are very few hosting providers which give importance to offshore hosting. Most web hosts don’t bother with offshore and DMCA ignored hosting or pay very little or no attention at all. I can think of only two factors which lead to people being ignorant towards offshore hosting services.
First and foremost, most people prefer to get hosted with a provider located in their own country. Secondly, the cyber laws of each country vary and most people are reluctant to spread their limits.
However, when you do business and want to attract viewers from all across the world, you must have offshore hosting for your website. Otherwise, the audience trying to access your website will just be denied.
If you’re looking for a company which pays sincere heed to offshore hosting, I have the perfect provider for you. In this article, I’ll provide an in-depth review of Flaunt7 Hosting, which I was fortunate enough to try for a couple of months before I decided that its time I gave unbiased feedback for it.
Without further ado, let’s start with a basic overview of the company.


Flaunt7 does justice to its name. The quality of the hosting and its brilliant functionality is worth flaunting over. The pricing game is solid, especially for attracting customers who have a tight budget. The enterprise-grade hardware on which Flaunt7 optimizes plays an important role in performing remarkably with lightning-fast speed.
Flaunt7 has HTTP/2 enabled servers which are considered as the future of the Internet. The new protocol empowers Flaunt7 servers to be rapid and grant unwavering uptime response. The knowledgeable staff will see to it that your ever-expanding needs are always met and can even resist the Digital Millenium Copyright Act compliance.
Let’s discuss why Flaunt7 could be good for your website-


1. Exception performance

The reason why I call their performance exceptional is that even though offshore hosting is much more complex than onshore, Flaunt7 does it with the utmost ease. The speed of your website is crucial if you want it to perform well. The page loads will dishearten your viewers when they are excruciatingly low. Not to mention when your site is slow, chances are you’d encounter a higher bounce rate.
There’s also one other advantage; Flaunt7 has SSD powered servers. SSD is way better than HDD storage. It provides amazingly fast page loads so your website is loading at maximum speed.
Flaunt7 optimizes on the latest protocol; HTTP/2. HTTP/2 enables websites to load multiple pages at once. In terms of performance and speed, I’d Flaunt7 is definitely excelling my expectations.

flaunt7 review

2. 99.9% uptime response

One of the worst moments I dread is when my blog faces any downtime. When a reader visits my blog and they cannot access the site, would they be keen to re-open it once again? Obviously, not.
For instance, would you want to visit a website which refuses to even open? I don’t think so. The website shall stay online around-the-clock if you want to ensure maximum conversion rates. The uptime/downtime response depends on the servers. Flaunt7, like I already stated, operates on powerful hardware and is HTTP/2 compatible. So the uptime SLA was better than I had hoped, in all honesty. My blog rarely ever faced any downtime, and even when it did, the inconvenience was sorted within minutes.

3. Top-notch customer support

What I absolutely loved about Flaunt7 was that the staff went way out of their ways to help the customers. The same could be said for very few providers. Offshore web hosts usually aren’t as dedicated towards the customers as Flaunt7 is. I’ve had my fair share of web hosting providers; so believe me when I say this, client support is a crucial part of every hosting deal.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re hosting a 5-page blog or a hefty e-commerce website, you’re going to need some kind of assistance sooner or later. We aren’t born with excessive technical knowledge; there are some things we can’t grasp without proper aid.
I don’t have as much experience with offshore hosting as I do with onshore. So during the installation, I had some queries in mind. First off, I wasn’t sure how long would it take for the activation. So I contacted Flaunt7’s team and was pleased to encounter rapid replies. They are available around-the-clock to answer each one of our questions. I contacted them through support tickets and yet again, they replied within half an hour. You can reach the team via live chat, email, support tickets, etc. They are friendly and professional.

4. Affordable prices

The most important aspect of everyone’s life is money. I honestly don’t believe when someone says that money can’t solve all problems. While, I tend to agree it is true in some ways but honestly, money would solve almost every single one of my problems. It plays a crucial role; money shapes one’s personal life, as well as professional one.
Offshore and DMCA ignored hosting solutions are usually more expensive than onshore ones. Of course, if the company is located in your native country, the cost would naturally be slightly lower.
What surprised me was Flaunt7 was fully capable of offering decent offshore services at similar prices. I’d even go as far as claiming that Flaunt7 is cheaper than some onshore web hosts I’ve been acquainted with. When I first heard of Flaunt7, I wasn’t sure whether I should buy the hosting; but as soon as I saw the pricing, the first thing I did was seal the deal.


Offshore Shared Hosting

Speaking of pricing, Flaunt7’s offshore shared hosting is starting at just $0.99/mo.

flaunt7 hosting review

Offshore Reseller Hosting

Flaunt7’s offshore reseller hosting is starting at $19.99/mo.

Offshore VPS Hosting

Flaunt7’s offshore VPS hosting is starting at $3.49/mo.

Offshore Dedicated Servers

Flaunt7’s offshore dedicated servers are starting at $99.99/mo.



  • Free-of-cost migration
  • Free SSL certificate and CDN from Cloudflare
  • Apache, Nginx cPanel, Cloudinux
  • 24/7/365 server monitoring
  • Quick support response and live chat
  • Powerful hardware
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Highly affordable pricing



  • The backup limit won’t exceed more than 2GB

Final Verdict

There’s a lot to say about Flaunt7. It’s unique, yet highly sophisticated in its own way. I’ve rarely come across a web host which was so sure of its services. Like most hot-shot providers, it’s confident in its premium hosting quality. though unlike most hosts, it offers true value for your money’s worth.
You don’t have to pay hefty sums of money for offshore solutions anymore. Get hosted with Flaunt7 and start gaining visitors from all across the globe. It’s as easy as it can get; buy your desired hosting package and instantly get migrated or activate your website from scratch within minutes.
Suffice to say, I loved what Flaunt7 served. I’m pretty sure you would too.

5 thoughts on “Offshore Hosting Review – Flaunt7

  1. avoid it at all cost!! i hosted 2 websites with them, and had been with them for a year. my client suddenly called me to report that his website is down. i contacted their support and they claimed that the problem was with the codes and that the server was fine. i reuploaded the site. a week later, their support contacted me claiming that there was a problem with the server that i host my websites on, and assigned me a new server. hell started from their!!!! both sites went down after they were online for 3 months. their server kept adding “htaccess” that caused 500 internal server problems. they said that i can delete it, instead of providing an effective solution. but the file kept re-adding itself. the 2nd website: i had a WP site that also suddenly disappeared. i keep sending their support, but excuses after the other claiming that their servers are 100% working and that the problem was with our sites.
    they provide no technical knowledge, poor customer service, slow response time, terrible and unstable servers that they move your sites to without prior notice, and you end up having to change all email and other configs.
    cheap service, high risk, not worth a penny. most importantly, you will lose customers and business with Flaunt7. avoid them at all cost.

  2. If you’re considering this hosting provider, I highly recommend you STAY AWAY. I’ve been a custom for 3 months and have had some sort of downtime each month with my dedicated server. Even as I type this review my server has been down for 24 hours so far.

  3. Very much bad service — always Server are down “also not have Live chat ”

    **They also Do bad Behavior with their clients, I am typing it here — and My Server is Still down its 20 Minutes.

    ** Already knock them but no respond

  4. Its been worst experience with them, do not, i repeat do not go with them, bought a vps with them and i left them in just 18 days after worst reply and support. very bad

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