GBNHost Review – Get Fast & Reliable VPS in Your Budget Only

GBNHost Review – Get Fast & Reliable VPS in Your Budget Only

After getting acquainted with and trying out several different web hosts year after year, I’ve got to admit; Russian hosting providers are in a league all by themselves.
I don’t usually favor a company based on its origin and locality, but most Russian web hosts I’ve stumbled across had impressed data centers scattered in such rich locations, that I couldn’t help but admire them.
I prefer to lean towards hosts that are capable of offering lightning-fast speed no matter wherever you are in the world. Fast speed on the servers confirms that your website is loading swiftly and there are no lags faced by your visitors.
You can call me a tad geeky, but I expect all my websites and blogs to perform exceptionally. For our websites to perform smoothly, we must host them under fast and reliable virtual servers.
You see, I am an ardent admirer of the web hosting world and I commit myself to keep getting hosted with companies from all over the world. I hand-pick a select few web hosting providers with which I feel my viewers can benefit from.
I’d first heard of GBNhost quite a while ago. To be honest the company didn’t strike me as review-worthy initially. However, after seeing the feedbacks on several sites and witnessing GBNhost being named as a premium web host in the Russian and European regions, I decided to give it a shot.
Long story short, it was a decision I haven’t yet come to regret. Here’s everything you need to know about GBNhost.


GBNhost is one of the most renowned web hosting providers in Russia. The company is headquartered in Saint Petersburg and has data-centers in the heart of Russia and Estonia.
The Russian headquarter is powered with the latest tier3 technology and the Estonian one is powered with Tier2. The founders of GBNhost have worked hard for several years and brought together a brighter vision of enhanced hosting solutions for the customers.
GBNhost doesn’t limit the traffic for their customers and each user is entitled to his privacy so they don’t intersect with each other on the servers. The staff members are professional as well as qualified, and they always stay at the customer’s peril throughout the day to assure smoother outcomes for them.


Quick Installation

The first solution I was excited about was the dedicated server. The setup is not immediate, to say the least. However, one shouldn’t expect an immediate installation anyway; it’s no secret that dedicated servers are not known for their quick installation.
After the user receives his admin details, it takes roughly 6-7 hours for GBNhost to set the equipment and get it ready. As far as the computing resources of the machinery are concerned, GBNhost uses up-to-date technology to ensure an effective server speed and optimization.
The Virtual Private servers and the Shared hosting packages on the other hand, take no time to activate at all. Within 5 minutes of the registration, the user is granted immediate access to the dashboard.

Hardware and Technology

One of the best things about GBNhost is that even from the start of the company; the hosting services were offered using their own equipment and hardware. GBNhost has always been repelled of renting the hardware to run the company. It is sturdy enough to handle the hefty maintenance and keep the servers running smooth and rapid. The equipment is powered under DC Selectel and DC LINX.
As far as the technology is concerned, GBNhost optimizes CloudLinux that gives an advanced boost to your hosting eminence both in terms of quality and security.

Speed and Security

The best way to measure the speed of a server is to check whether the server uses the HDD drive or SSD one. You see, I’ve had a really bad experience with web hosts that still optimize the out-dated HDD drives.
The servers face more downtime and the pages take forever to load. In addition to that, the speed is so poor that the sites are always lagging.
You don’t want that to happen to your site. It’s in our best interest to find providers that are powered with the SSDs as they are easily 10 times more speedy than HDD ones. Along with the speed, they’re also more secure and make the cloud storage a better place to store your websites.
GBNhost is a fan of updated technology and along with the latest SSD drives, the powerful CloudLinux is also optimized. This ensures that each customer is separate from one another and their resources are never intersecting. You are given free rein to focus on your work and there’s no hassle of anyone snooping in through your database as GBNhost is protected with the LetsEncrypt encryption.

Free regular backups

If you’ve been in the hosting industry for long, then you’d be well aware that finding a web host that offers free backups is pretty rare. You’d be hard-pressed to come across a provider which keeps daily checks of the backups.
Fortunately, for GBNhost, keeping daily backups is almost like a routine that couldn’t be skipped. As most of us value our data and treat it as our most important asset, it’d be hazardous if we lose it or it gets stolen by any chance. GBNhost understands that without the backups, the user wouldn’t feel 100% secure.
GBNhost doesn’t believe in charging for something as necessary as backups. For all the shared hosting users, daily backups are granted for your database and the backups can be accessed anytime.
For VPS users, the backups are processed every week, instead of being daily.

Unlimited traffic, databases, and domains

One of the admirable traits of GBNhost is that it never limits any of its features. The customers are given free rein to utilize the benefits as much as they want. GBNhost is known to stay true to its words. There’s no hidden fee in any of the packages and you receive what you were promised.
There’s no limitation on the amount of traffic your site is receiving daily and GBNhost would not ask you to upgrade your hosting plan in case your traffic exceeds the normal amount. Similarly, GBNhost allows you to host as many sites under your hosting plan as you like without ever asking for a further fee.
There are a lot of hosts that tend to charge an extra amount for installing the database on their servers. GBNhost doesn’t charge a penny and lets you upload as many databases on their servers as you want.

Around-the-clock support

Customer support is something that cannot be compromised, no matter which nature of service one is providing. Web hosting, in particular, leans more towards the technical side. This means that you are going to require technical assistance from the company’s staff sooner or later.
Unless you’re some tech guru, you cannot grasp all elements of your web hosting better than the staff.
Contacting the team is easier than I believed it to be. The staff is also very quick to reply. The support is available to the customers 24/7 and in the span of just a few hours, the support sorts out whatever query the user is having.


Shared Hosting

GBNhost offers three shared hosting packages; HSSD1, HSSD2, and HSSD3 payable at €1.41/mo, €2.81/mo, and €4.22/mo respectively.
Each of the plans consists of unlimited domains, sites, databases, and sites with a free SSL certificate. The plans vary in the size of the SSD, CPU load, and RAM.
HSSD1 offers 2,000MB SSD, 1-core 50% CPU load, and 1GB RAM.
HSSD2 offers 5,000MB SSD, 1-core 70% CPU load, and 1GB RAM.
HSSD3 offers 10,000 SSD, 1-core 100 CPU load, and 1512MB RAM.

VPS Hosting

GBNhost offers five VPS hosting plans. The Light package consists of 15GB SSD, 1 Intex Xeon Core, 512MB RAM, and unlimited traffic. It is payable at €3.51/mo.
VSSD1 consists of 30GB SSD, 1 Intex Xeon Core, 1GB RAM, and unlimited traffic. It is payable at €5.06/mo.
VSSD2 consists of 50GB SSD, 2 Intex Xeon Core, 2GB RAM, and unlimited traffic. It is payable at €8.85/mo.
VSSD3 consists of 70GB SSD, 3 Intex Xeon Core, 3GB RAM, and unlimited traffic. It is payable at €12.65/mo.
VSSD1 consists of 100GB SSD, 4 Intex Xeon Core, 4GB RAM, and unlimited traffic. It is payable at €14.17/mo.

Dedicated Servers

GBNhost offers five Dedicated server plans. GBN.d-Xeon-1 consists of 2 x Intel Xeon E5440, 16GB RAM, 2x120GB SSD. It is payable at €77.29/mo.
GBN.d-Xeon-2 consists of 2 x Intel Xeon E5620, 24GB RAM, 2x240GB SSD. It is payable at €91.35/mo.
GBN.d-Xeon-3 consists of 2 x Intel Xeon E5645, 32GB RAM, 2x240GB SSD. It is payable at €119.45/mo.
GBN.d-Profi consists of Intel Core i5-4460, 16GB RAM, 2x120GB SSD. It is payable at €84.32/mo.
GBN.d-Master consists of Intel Core i7-4790, 16GB RAM, 2x240GB SSD. It is payable at €98.37/mo.
You can rent the subnet of ip network at just €2.11/mo.



  • Free SSL certificates
  • Immediate installation
  • Free daily and weekly backups
  • Unlimited databases, domains, and sites
  • Top-notch support
  • Affordable prices



  • Only two datacentres in St. Petersburg and Estonia


Final Verdict

As I’ve already said, I’ve had my fair share of web hosting providers. I’ve seen them all; poor, good, as well as great ones. GBNhost is definitely a great one. As we’ve already discussed above, it’s got everything you could possibly need from a host.
If you’re looking for a quality web hosting company from Russia, GBN is the one to consider for sure.

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