Hostlatte Review – Get Lightening Fast Hosting in Your Budget

Hostlatte Review – Get Lightening Fast Hosting in Your Budget

Don’t you ever wonder how the world might have been if the Internet was never discovered? In how many ways our lives would have been drastically different if it hadn’t been for the Internet. Just thinking about it is unfathomable.
The internet has made most of our lives easier. Not only does it connect people or bring anything you desire right at your doorstep, but it is also the source of many livelihoods and earnings. For instant, if not for my blogs, then my career would have been something else entirely.
It’s also a safe haven for websites and blogs. These two are the biggest reasons why online businesses are in such trend these days. If your website isn’t on the Internet, does your business really exist?
Websites may seem like a pebble on the road, but they, in fact are capable of giving your online presence a major boost in all the aspects that matter. However, in order for your website to withstand competition, you need to ensure that your site is impenetrable by any outside forces.
To make your website a success, you must have an assurance that it performs wonderfully or doesn’t lag, never faces downtime, and is immune to any threat or spams. There is only one way to ensure all of these and that is through excellent web hosting solutions.
Now, I’m not bluffing. Web hosting gives your website the speed and performance which it requires and it is the duty of a genuine web hosting provider to provide the users top-notch services. I have the perfect host in mind. Let’s take a look.


Host Latte is counted among one of the globally renowned tech companies, which presents their services in all varieties of IT related areas. They have been known worldwide for their sophisticated IT solutions for decades.
Host Latte was initially founded over 20 years ago and since then, they’ve evolved into a phenomenon of a company which wants nothing more other than to satisfy their clients.
Everything ranging from premium web hosting services to high-end servers, they grant special solutions and ensure top-class conclusions for the customers. Host Latte consists of a highly professional team which is dedicated to serving remarkable hosting and is also committed towards giving customers the kind of support they deserve.


1. 99.9 Uptime guarantee

Now, let me tell you guys something. I have a mile long experience with web hosts. When it comes to hosting my sites, I think I can safely say I know almost everything that matters. After all, I’ve had my fair share of web hosting providers.
While we’re on the subject, you ought to know that some of the hosts I’ve tried served good uptime, some bad and some just downright worst. The market of hosting depends entirely upon persuading the customer to purchase packages and then most web hosts don’t even care whether the user’s site is available or not.
You might not want to end up with a hosting company like that. You need a host like Host Latte. I may say this at the risk of sounding biased but they just blew me away. I’ve been using their services for months now and surprisingly, my sites are yet to face any downtime.
Hence, I would give Host Latte a solid 9 for their uptime assurance.

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2. Top-notch support and 24/7 help center

Host Latte bestows all of us users the facility to reach their team at any convenient time suitable to the user himself. Nowadays, I cannot say the same for a lot of companies. Not a lot of web hosts are confident enough to allow users to reach them directly.
Host Latte, however, is extraordinarily different in that approach. In any case or query, should the customer feels like he needs technical help, the team will aid in whichever way it could. It’s a plus point that Host Latte’s team is passionate about what they do. They are easily reachable through Online Help centers which are open around-the-clock or via support tickets. The response time may not be as rapid as some other web hosts but I’d say that it is comprisable.

3. Unlimited SSD Disk space, bandwidths as well as domains

Sure there are a lot of significant features which Host Latte grants. From being the quality web hosting provider to providing top-notch customer support, Host Latte does it all exceptionally well.
However, one of the greatest things about Host Latte is that they don’t set any limitations in terms of their service. They believe that the customers shall optimize as many resources as they possibly need without paying additional charges. Companies which restrict their disk spaces or bandwidth allocation to a certain amount are more likely the companies which are seeking to cost you extra money for extending those limits. Do not fall for those scams.
Host Latte, on the other hand, offers unlimited SSD space and bandwidth. In addition to that, you can also host as many domains with them as you want.

4. 30 days money back guarantee

According to me, the companies which activate a money back policy is a company which is confident in the services it grants. It emphasizes that Host Latte is confident that their services would be suitable for you.
However, in any case, you are not satisfied; you have the liberty to ask for a full refund within the first month.


Shared Hosting

Host Latte’s Shared hosting plans are starting at just $3.49/mo.

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Reseller Hosting

Host Latte’s Reseller hosting plans are starting at $13.95/mo.

VPS Hosting

Host Latte’s VPS plans are starting at just $8.5/mo.

Dedicated Servers

Host Latte’s Dedicated servers are starting from $99.95/mo.

Windows Hosting

Host Latte’s Windows Hosting is starting at only $1/mo.



  • Free backups daily
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Ease-of-use control panel
  • Over 1023 servers deployed
  • Free Website builders
  • Affordable prices



  • Ticket takes long to respond back

Final Verdict

There you have it- all the reasons why Host Latte can be the suitable web host for you. Not only is it reliable, but it’s also powerful in terms of performance.
If you do decide to get hosted with Host Latte, here are some of the things you will get for free- utmost uptime, around-the-clock customer support, instant backups, SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, SSD and much more.
Overall, I think Host Latte is worth giving a shot. They sure know how to entice users with such cheap prices and premium services.

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