HostNamaste Review – Best & Reliable Web Hosting

HostNamaste Review – Best & Reliable Web Hosting

There is something charming about Indian Web Hosting providers. Maybe it’s because I’m Indian, I have a certain preference for my native web hosts. The reason behind this favoritism is that even though they offer the same premium quality services as most globally recognized providers do, Indian web hosts tend to grant the same in really affordable prices.
In fact, I’ve seen some Indian companies offering surprisingly good quality hosting, almost as good as BlueHost and DigitalOcean, in just half the price. Doesn’t that just blow your mind?
However, one shouldn’t opt an overly cheap web hosting as that can also end up being disastrous. Whether expensive or inexpensive, I always tend to thoroughly examine the quality and performance of a web host before processing a review.
The hosting market is humongous; you either find web hosting providers offering premium quality services or the ones whose prices are astoundingly low. Usually, Indian web hosts are the only hosts which wouldn’t compromise with either quality or the prices.
One such web host I’ve had the pleasure of being hosted with is Host Namaste. It blew other cheap providers right out of the water.


Host Namaste was established as a popular web hosting company all throughout India way back in 2016. Although, the company hasn’t been in the hosting market for long; but thanks to its world-class services, it has already made a huge impact as being one of the best Indian web hosts to ever exist.
Till date, well over a million websites have been hosted with Host Namaste and more than 10,000 servers in total have been deployed. Customer satisfaction is a topmost priority for the team and it’s powered with enterprise-grade hardware to grant the highest quality server response.
Host Namaste has data centers located in Mumbai/Pune, Los Angeles, Dallas, Jacksonville, and Roubaix.


1. Powerful hardware and top-notch servers

Many Indian web hosting providers I’ve encountered have failed to provide the utmost quality. The reason behind this was their hardware. A lot of hosts still opt for HHD servers which are awfully slow and lethargic.
Host Namaste is powered by best-in-class SSD servers which optimize faster and are more stable. It is also optimized by LiteSpeed web server, in addition to the datacenters being powered by the TIER III and TIER IV technology.
The hosting is boosted by the splendid Intel Hard hardware with full root access. After hosting my site with Host Namaste, I noticed the pages were loading extremely fast and the servers were never down or lethargic. As far as the hardware was concerned, I was thoroughly satisfied.

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2. 99% uptime SLA response

The biggest nightmare for me would be to witness my website being unable to open. Most of my work is done online, through my site. If my viewers or potential customers find the site unavailable for any reason, it could eventually result in a bad reputation and loss of clientele.
With Host Namaste though, no issues related to uptime were faced. I’m not claiming that it’s absolutely top-notch; given to the fact that the servers sometimes tend to shut down due to some fault.
However, what surprises me is that the team is always capable of resolving any issue within minutes. Suffice to say, with Host Namaste your site will never be down for long.

3. The safest and trustworthy

When it comes to being secure, there’s really no match for Host Namaste in the Indian web hosting market. It’s by far the safest Indian provider I’ve tried. One of my primary concerns was security. I couldn’t afford a data theft on my servers. Hence, I researched in great depth and discovered astonishing details about Host Namaste’s security measures.
They have a multi-level security protocol which includes an around-the-clock CCTV surveillance of the datacenters. Also, they have an ISO and alarm security compliances to ward off any initiative of theft, in addition to the servers having the RAID security.

4. Free Migration and SSL certificate

After being hosted with Host Namaste, you get two merits absolutely free of cost; migration and SSL certificate. You no longer have to pay extra for such necessary features. They are already included in your hosting package.
I was happy with my prior host and was in a desperate state to switch. When I stumbled across Host Namaste, I initially assumed that I’d have to pay additional to migrate my entire database. To my surprise, Host Namaste did it for free. I got instant deployment and the migration didn’t take long.
Along with the Migration, I received free unlimited SSL certificates. It was comforting to know that Host Namaste realizes the importance of SSL and it enabled me to save a lot of money at the same time. It’s really a win-win situation.


VPS Hosting

Host Namaste has four VPN packages namely OpenVZ VPN, KVM VPS, and Resource Pool which are starting at $0.83/mo, $3.99/mo, and $9.95/mo respectively.

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SSD Shared Hosting

Host Namaste’s shared hosting packages are payable from $1.95/mo to $7.95/mo.

Reseller Hosting

Host Namaste’s WHM reseller hosting packages are payable from $7.95/mo to $24.95/mo.

Dedicated Servers

Host Namaste’s Budget and Hybrid server packages are payable at just $29.99/mo. The ADM, Intel Core, and Intel Xeon dedicated servers can be availed at $59.99/mo.



  • 24/7 free customer support
  • 15-20 minutes ticket response time
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Optimized with LinxCloudOS
  • Powered by LiteSpeed server
  • cPanel, WHM, and full root access



  • DDoS protection is not free


Coming across an Indian web host which offers remarkable services is very rare these days. You either find an expensive company with top-notch quality or one that is overly cheap; never both at the same time.
Indian providers tend to compromise the performance in order to lure more customers as most people usually run after cheap products. I, on the other hand, cannot compromise. Host Namaste is excellent in terms of uptime and support and it’s built on enterprise-grade hardware. Also, you get many benefits such as WHM access, migration, and much more free of cost.
I strongly suggest Host Namaste is worth being hosted with.

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  1. Great Indian hosting provider, having 2 cPanel hostting and VPS with host namaste and very happy using it. Thanks.

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