HostOx Review – Elite Web Hosting Company in UK

HostOx Review – Elite Web Hosting Company in UK

Time passes, and along with it, products either evolve year by year or get replaced. You see, there’s a tremendous amount of competition on the Internet nowadays. If a service provider is not giving the best quality products in a moderate price range, it’ll soon get hindered by lots of other providers that managed to live up to the expectations.
Something similar happens with web hosting companies. There are so many out there that it is becoming increasingly difficult to select the best ones amongst the tens of thousands out there. Some web hosts make it and become successful worldwide, while some end up as pretty average ones, and then there are the ones which can’t bear the severe competition and fail to offer growth to the customers.
The reason why I keep going on about the competition is that more often than not, customers choose the wrong web host for their websites and end up regretting later.
Sure, they can always migrate afterward. However, not every web host offers free migration to customers. Switching the entire database of your website from one web host to another is both time-consuming as well as costly. The best thing you can do is research the most suitable web hosting and server packages for your site, then go for a provider that has a great reputation and offers brilliant performance.
For that sole reason, hosting review sites were introduced so you wouldn’t have to bounce back n’ forth between several different hosting companies to ascertain which ones are the most reliable.
Speaking of, I’m about to rid you of your dilemma since I have a perfect web host in mind that would be excellent in fulfilling all of your business requirements.


HostOx was established back in 2014 as a small UK-based hosting service provider. Initially, the team only offered the hosting packages to a handful of customers on a personal level. After receiving positive reviews over the services, they decided to expand the company’s infrastructure. As the potential of HostOx increased, the company started catching the eyes of several businesses online.
Shortly afterward, their clientele started to increase and HostOx was no longer considered a small hosting company. The entire hardware is owned by the company, even the servers which are provided to the users. HostOx believes in producing the best hosting outcomes for the users and that cannot be done with rented or third-party servers.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at HostOx‘s amazing set of features-


Website Builder

If you don’t have a website yet and aren’t sure how to make one, HostOx comes as a knight in shining armour.
You see, not all of us are blessed with extensive technical knowledge. Therefore, building a website from scratch is not an easy task and there’s no way we can complete it by ourselves. Of course, we can always hire a web designer to make us a website but that would cost a lot.
HostOx offers a simplistic drag-and-drop website builder which enables even a rookie to create a site in mere minutes. In addition to that, you are not obliged to pay a single penny anymore.


Hardware, Scripts, and Configuration

HostOx is optimized with Dell PowerEdge servers that are kept at one of their data centers located in Maidenhead, UK. I’m happy to state that the company is against HDD drives as they are extremely sluggish; they instead use SSD drives that are compatible with RAID 10 configurations. These drives have been proven to be 10 times faster and reliable than HDD ones. HostOX allows the user to utilize custom configurations and versions of PHP, that means that you can use whichever version of PHP and control its settings as you please.
HostOx also comes with a softaculous one-click installer that enables you to install scripts within seconds.

Free Migration and Daily Backups

As I’ve already stated above, migrating from one web host to another can cost a lot of money. To get that feature for free is like hitting a jackpot.
HostOx takes care of the customers entirely; the users who don’t have a website can make one from scratch with the drag-and-drop editor, and the users who are not satisfied with their existing host can migrate to HostOx without having to pay a single penny.
Data is considered the single most precious asset on the Internet. This is why businesses go to extreme lengths to back up their data. Backups are important; in case some files get stolen or deleted, you can always retrieve them with the help of backups.
Some web hosts even charge for backing up the customer’s database. However, HostOx isn’t one of them. The backups are automated every night for free.

Around-the-clock Support

The team at HostOx has at least 15 years of experience in the technical industry. Also, the means to contact them is quite broad. You can reach them via live chat, support tickets, telephone, or emails.
You can reach HostOx at any time of the day and the team is guaranteed to respond to your queries.


Web Hosting

HostOx’s SSD fully managed website hosting is ranging between $3.25/mo to $10.87/mo.

hostox review

Reseller Hosting

HostOx’s Reseller hosting is ranging between $10.87/mo to $34.80/mo.

reseller hosting review

DirectAdmin VPS Hosting

HostOx’s DirectAdmin virtual servers are starting at just $29.36/mo.

Hostox Review

Managed VPS Hosting

HostOx’s managed SSD virtual servers are starting at just $32.62/mo.

Hostox Hosting Review

Dedicated Hosting

HostOx’s dedicated hosting is ranging between $107.68/mo to $216.46/mo.

Hostox Review



  • cPanel/WHM control panel
  • Fully managed hosting
  • 30 money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • SSD drives with RAID 10 Configurations



  • A little expensive on monthly billing


Final Verdict

There you have it- a detailed review of HostOx. If you were looking for a premium hosting provider that offered reliable services with the utmost perfection, you’ve found one.
The hardware is owned by the company, the servers are dependable and serve 99.9% uptime response. The SSD drives help in boosting the speed of your sites and you can easily integrate with your favourite CMS tools such as WordPress.
In case you don’t know where to start, commence by thinking of a unique website name and register your domain. The team of HostOx manage manages another company that registers domains for the customers.
Check out
Now that you can register your domain, you should proceed by building your website with HostOx and get going with your business. It’s as easy as it can get!

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