Hualma Hosting Review – Most Scalable Servers

Hualma Hosting Review – Most Scalable Servers

The competition in the web hosting market has increased tenfold over the last couple of years. The hosting industry has taken over the Internet like a storm. I am always astonished and taken by surprise as I see a different host emerging every day from scratch and becoming a brand in the blink of an eye.
Hosting blogs and review sites have also benefited a great deal from this. People have been trying new ways to embrace web hosting affiliate marketing. In the midst of this chaos, it has become increasingly difficult to find genuine hosts as well.
You see, in order to grow, companies prefer taking the short route to success and they pay the marketers to lure customers under false promises.
I have made it my life’s mission to review premium web hosting providers which I have personally tried on one of my websites. I have been fooled one too many times, so I grasp the importance of genuine and trustworthy reviews.
Speaking of, today I have a brilliant web host for you named Hualma and it is flexible enough to fit all your business requirements. I have used Hualma for over two months and decided it has earned a blogpost well in its favor.


Hualma is an Italian hosting company that is powered by the WirLab data center, also located in Italy. The company has been in the market for quite some time now, therefore it has successfully garnered an impressive clientele. The infrastructure is built with state-of-the-art hardware and the technologies optimized to create such brilliant service packages is advanced and specialized.
High-end speed and uptime are served so the users can take full advantage of Hualma’s capabilities. The team at Hualma is pretty straight-forward and focuses on two things; customer satisfaction and quality.
To satisfy the users, Hualma leaves no stones unturned and thus, offers a wide range of hosting services at highly affordable prices for the sake of the customers.


Speed, Reliability and Uptime

Wirlab offers 20GBit/s of bandwidth, therefore, making it effortless for Hualma to bestow lightning-fast speed of hosting. The SSD servers, no matter how much exertion they face, are always working at a rapid speed and never show any signs of delay.
The website I hosted with Hualma was loading at twice the speed as compared to my prior web host, although my internet connection isn’t great either. So suffice to say, I was happy with the speed.
Hualma uses the most advanced and scalable technology. In terms of reliability and uptime, it presents with a solid 99% uptime response. There were instances when the server was down. However, it was mostly due to some issue which was resolved within minutes thus I never faced any major downtime.

Security and Anti-Attack Infrastructure

Security is the one aspect which no one can possibly overlook. Are you willing to risk the theft of your data? Or are you keen with your website being under attack every once in a while?
I don’t think so.
Good for us that Hualma prioritizes the security way more than anything. Like I mentioned earlier, customer satisfaction is a must for the team; therefore, a stable and secure service is the way to every user’s heart. Haulma has secured the data-centers with anti-attack systems to prevent any breaking-in and leaking of databases.
In addition to that, Hualma is also secured with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which offers complete confidentiality and prevents any data on their servers from getting into the third-party’s hands.

Backup and Webspace

Hualma provides you a powerful control panel which enables you to pull the strings of your web hosting. You can just proceed to save the entire database of your site on a remote server, and thanks to Hualma’s cloud computing technology, you can back it up or access it at any given time or location.
After you save backups of your data, there’s no way for you to lose your precious data. Hualma’s webspace is entirely safe and can store your files and data with the sturdiest of security.

Dedicated Customer Care

Support is something which condemns the users to love the service provided to them. You see, not all of us are born with loads of technical knowledge. Even a genius requires assistance at some point; after all, you surely cannot claim to understand a service better than its providers, can you?
Hualma has allotted a support team at your standby. Whenever you have a request, you can reach the team through support tickets and they will reply to you in kind. The support is provided to you around-the-clock, at all days of the year. If you’re worried about the team delaying your responses, you don’t have to be.
The team is quick and responds to a ticket within an hour. So you don’t have to wait far longer than necessary for the assistance you want.


Shared Web Hosting

Hualma’s shared Linux web hosting is starting at €15+VAT/annual and Windows web hosting €35+VAT/annual.

CMS Hosting

WordPress Hosting is starting at €12+VAT/annual and Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal, Magento, and Mambo Hosting is starting at €24+VAT/annual.

Professional Web Hosting

Hualma’s Professional web hosting plans including advanced features are starting at €60+VAT/annual.

Virtual Private Servers

Hualma’s VPS Hosting is starting at just €12/mo. VPS Hosting is much like shared hosting, but with additional features similar to a Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Server

Hualma’s dedicated servers are starting at a highly competitive price of €30/mo.



  • Proactive monitoring and reporting
  • 99.9% uptime response
  • Supports 200+ applications
  • Fast SSD servers
  • GDPR secured
  • Support popular CRM sites



  • No live chat


Final Verdict

Well, it is time, to sum up our detailed review of Hualma. Before I recommend these hosting packages to anyone, I would like to proudly state that this review is in no way biased. I have written what I liked best and narrated the features which stood out to me.
Hualma is good in terms of granting performance, security, as well as the uptime. The prices are acceptable and can be afforded by small and medium-sized businesses easily.
The support was good but could have been excellent if Hualma offered a live chatbox instead of the traditional ticketing system. Other than that, it has premium quality web hosting, VPS, Dedicated servers and Collocation packages.

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