IntechDc Review – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

IntechDc Review – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

With every waking moment, the field of web hosting appears to grow. There are far too many enterprises out there that and by embracing the new technologies and finest technology, the web hosting and cloud VPS industry offers fantastic services. The dilemma here is that it’s getting extremely difficult to determine which hosting provider we can go for our websites and host them.
It is vital for any organization to have a website developed; but, it is equally important to evaluate and closely analyze which provider is ideally tailored for our website needs. Online hosting is a critical investment that should not be too readily ignored. Many consumers do not give any attention to this and host their websites without even considering the drawbacks of choosing a mediocre web host for their websites.
Hosting is the website’s sanctuary which can be perceived to be your site’s oasis. If you plan to host your website with a specific host, on its word, you grant it the utmost power to introduce the website to the community. Your website would be available around the clock if the hosting company is renowned for its uptime; otherwise, be ready to confront downtime and expect the platform to be offline through minuscule server failures.
Cloud VPS is also a commendable package that many web hosts grant nowadays. In order to make the website more attractive to users, Cloud VPS helps users to change and alter choices or configurations. You can simply add additional capacity to your VPS, expand RAM, or scale the performance of your Processor and there would be no downtime. There will therefore be no need for the website to be relocated.
This is why it is important to select a reputable and effective provider of web hosting. I have found it my passion to test and evaluate just the finest businesses out there, those that support the users and do not go after their own income. I have a reliable web host which I’ve tried and tested on my own and so far, it has excelled every single expectation that I had. Let’s commence with IntechDC‘s comprehensive review.


IntechDC is an Indian web hosting and cloud VPS provider and if you’ve read some of my previous reviews, you’d be aware that I have quite a soft spot for Indian web hosts. They outshine on their own and surpass competition like a boss. They have a game of their own as they provide services that are far more superior to some hotshot companies and charge less than half their usual hosting prices. IntechDC is headquartered in Thane, Maharashtra and offers premium quality services such as Shared Web hosting, Managed Web Hosting, General Cloud VPS, WebHost Cloud VPS, Managed Cloud VPS, and Dedicated Servers. At IntechDC, their primary goal is to support the customers reduce the total cost of acquisition and optimize efficiency without losing hosting quality by minimizing downtime. The company also has a data center in the Netherlands.


120 seconds Setup time

The very first feature that I appreciated about IntechDC was its immediate service activation. After making the deposit, I do not want to sit around but would much rather start working immediately on my websites. What I was hoping from IntechDC was immediately presented to me in just 120 seconds. As soon as I was charged for my hosting packages, I was led directly to the control panel.
In the past, there were hosts with whom I had the uncomfortable situation of spending on facilities that took many hours to launch. It’s a positive thing that IntechDC doesn’t like making the clientele wait almost as much as us customers don’t like to linger.

intechdc review

Excellent customer support

The treatment and gratification of customers should be among the foremost goals for a provider of web hosting. Unless you are a hosting guru, one way or another, you’re going to ask for IntechDC’s help. The IntechDC team is one of the kindest, but at the same time, it retains the equity of becoming competent. It is made up of qualified professionals who are devoted to answering consumer questions and offering assistance wherever possible. At all hours of the day, during the year, the support team is available. Whenever I called for assistance, the team always replied almost instantly in kind. Help from IntechDC is definitely one of the fastest I have ever experienced. They are available through support tickets and calls. They are also one of the quickest Indian providers that respond to the tickets within mere minutes.

99% uptime response

If you intend to do incredibly well on your website, you cannot gamble with its uptime. The answer to uptime is more critical than you originally thought. Weak uptime will result in dissatisfied customers and the website getting a poor reputation. Every now and then, regular downtimes will make your websites offline and that would end up rendering your website slow. IntechDC guarantees that SLA has nearly flawless uptime, and you may use the support tickets and let the IntechDC aware on the occasional instance that an issue arises. Rest assured, IntechDC has left no stones unturned to satisfy the users.

intechdc review

Free Migration

There’s absolutely no need for you to create a website from scratch with IntechDC. You can also Migrate your website data from the previous host that you were hosted with. I did the same as my website was several years old and I was getting quite frustrated with my former host as it faced frequent downtime and my website paid the collateral damage. At first, I thought that the migration will come with an additional cost. However, to my surprise, IntechDC offered free migration and transferred my database on their server without much of a hassle.


Shared Hosting

IntechDC’s Shared Hosting is starting at just $1.36/mo and can be increased according to your website requirements.

intechdc shared hosting

Managed Web Hosting

IntechDC’s Managed Web Hosting is starting at $2.73/mo.

intechdc managed Web hosting

Cloud VPS

IntechDC’s General Cloud VPS is starting at $5.47/mo.

Intechdc Cloud VPS

Managed Cloud VPS

IntechDC’s fully Managed Cloud VPS is starting at $9.58/mo.

Intechdc Managed VPS Hosting

WebHost Cloud VPS

IntechDC’s WebHost Cloud VPS is starting at $16.43/mo.

Intechdc Review



  • Specialized control panel
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Blazing-fast SSD storage
  • Automatic Backups
  • PHP switching
  • Unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate auto-installation



  • They are offering only few products
  • Focused only in the Indian data center
  • There only few OS templates to choose

Final Verdict

By far, IntechDC is one of the best web hostings that I have ever come across. I will definitely rank it amongst the top four hosting companies that should be regarded by all. The server was robust enough and might be ideal for a small and medium-sized enterprise. It was tried and checked by me. Most web hosts do not provide basic Cloud VPS services at such inexpensive costs, and IntechDC has only gone ahead and shown that VPS clouds are so easy. The web servers work incredibly well, and the company reports that there is a 99.9 percent uptime response. I will suggest IntechDC 100%; it is good to give a shot and by an odd chance if you eventually wind up disliking their services, within the first 30-days, you can even take advantage of their refund policy.

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