JustHost Review – Hosting For Unlimited Websites

JustHost Review – Hosting For Unlimited Websites

There’s something about lesser-known web hosting providers that thrills me from beyond no extent. I would say that I’ve had enough of over-rated and renowned web hosts in the market. They’re way too expensive with average features.
When I stumble across other hosting providers that are still thriving to make it work in the industry, I can’t help but acknowledge that a lot of hosts such as those offer the same hosting solutions, at extremely low prices. Now that you know why I prefer the under-rated companies instead of the popular ones and I’m thrilled with the one I found so recently.
Of course, the whole web hosting market is all shades of gray. You cannot expect to come across the first web host and assume it to be premium. Unfortunately, there are some poor providers with exceptionally dreadful services as well.
Though you got nothing to worry about, for I sort through every host I get my hands on and review only the best ones on this blog. In this article, I’ve decided to post my experience with JustHost.ru, one of the finest Russian hosting providers in the market.


JustHost.ru was established way back in 2006 with a solitary goal of presenting first-rate hosting services to users all over the world. Having been in the hosting market for well over 13 years as of now, JustHost.ru knows all the nooks and crannies of the hosting industry.
They use top-notch hardware with the latest and up-to-date technology to ensure maximum performance on their servers. Speaking of servers, the uptime should be praised as well, as there are rarely ever any downtimes faced by the majority of users.

Without further ado, let’s take a glimpse at JustHost.ru’s amazing set of features and see everything that it has got to offer-


Immediate and One-click-Installation

The biggest bummer while being hosted with any web host is delayed installation. Most of us prefer immediate set up as soon as we’ve selected our desired hosting package and made the payment. No one these days likes the process of waiting.
This is why most companies would rather deploy their servers immediately and activate the hosting in no time. This ensures that they have a higher success rate than hosts which take a long time for activation.
JustHost.ru isn’t one of them. Instead, I was happy to notice that just after making the purchase, they immediately migrated my site on their servers and got down to business. What’s more amazing is that they offer you a huge variety of applications which take no hassle to install either.
JustHost.ru’s one-click-installation enables you to install your favorite CMS applications and plug-ins in a single tap, straight from their Control Panel.

justhost review

Unlimited Sites, Databases, and Traffic

I just love the word ‘Unlimited. Especially when I see this term used in something related to web hosting, I can’t help but check whether it is as unlimited as claimed by the web host or just a myth.
You see, a lot of providers make promises to lure customers when in reality, they can scarcely stay true to their own claim. I was pleased to witness that JustHost.ru upheld their end of the deal. It allowed me to host as many sites as I fancied, and add as much data and emails as I wanted.
Although I had to pay for the size of my disk space, my basic package wasn’t bothered by the amount of traffic my sites generated.

Security Measures

Security is a very crucial trait for any web hosting provider. Every user takes cautious steps when his website is concerned. After all, one can never be too secure.
Fortunately, the hardware utilized by JustHost.ru is the latest and optimizes CloudLinux which is considered one of the most secure. Although, it does lack in terms of encryption; I personally don’t prefer mediocre encryptions, except LetsEncrypt. It’s been in my preference for several years now.
Other than that, JustHost.ru appears to be secure enough to withstand any kind of attacks on the servers. My website is yet to face a crucial DDoS attack and there have been downtime errors so far either.

Speed and Functionality

Let’s talk about speed first and foremost. I have a knack for stable and fast servers. No one likes sluggish and extremely slow sites that take forever to load pages. The storage drives also play a huge role in speeding up the site.
If, for instance, you were hosted with a provider that gave you HDD storage then it goes without saying that your site is bound to lag. HDD drives are a big NO and even a rookie with minimum hosting experience is aware of this nowadays. Therefore, it’s always wise to go for SSD drives and JustHost.ru is certainly smart in that aspect.
Along with that, the user also gets access to SSH which enables you to copy and paste, edit files, as well as use gits. JustHost.ru is compatible with Ipv6 which makes the hosting experience all the more enhanced.


JustHost.ru is one of the rare web hosting providers that has a responsive live chat feature available to customers. Customer support has been changing the game for several hosting companies as of recent years because users have now realized that premium support is a dire requirement.
Unless you’re some hosting guru, you’re going to request JustHost.ru’s support one way or another, especially since it’s a Russian company so there’s always going to be a communication barrier. It’s good to reach the technical team and have them reply immediately, rather than wait for hours.


Shared Hosting

JustHost.ru has two shared hosting plans; Economical and Optimal payable at $.30/mo and $1.08/mo on annual billing.

justhost shared hosting

VPS Hosting

JustHost.ru has three VPS hosting plans; HDD VPS start, SSD super payable at $1.36/mo, $3.86/mo, and $9.73/mo respectively.

justhost vps hosting

Dedicated Servers

You can rent dedicated servers according to your preference. The plans are ranging between $101.33/mo to $3429.70/mo.

justhost dedicated hosting



  • Free daily, weekly, and monthly backups
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 15 free trial
  • Website builder
  • 99% uptime guarantee



  • Security needs improvement
  • Communication barrier


Final Verdict

Well, there you have it. A detailed review of JustHost.ru containing everything you need to know about the company.
It has everything you can need from an acceptable web host; refined uptime response, free backups that can be retained for 30 days, responsive live chat, top-notch performance, and brilliant functionality.
What more can you possibly ask at such affordable prices?

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