WordPress Web Hosting in Your Budget – Kinsta

WordPress Web Hosting in Your Budget – Kinsta

According to all the surveys, WordPress is by far the biggest and the most popular open-source Content Management System. From beginners, rookie bloggers, to even large corporations, pretty much everyone finds WordPress easily the most reliable companion in terms of website building. It’s effortlessly easy-to-use and serves the kind of features which you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.
However, you are still going to need hosting for your website or blog, since a web hosting is equivalent to an oasis where your website shall reside in order to perform and function.
In this article, I will be reviewing my brief experience with Kinsta Hosting, a global leading WordPress hosting company, whose chief goal is to enable the client and their websites to reach glorifying heights in the internet world.


Having been in the web hosting business ever since 2013, Kinsta Hosting has garnered masses of clients all around the world. Along with years of experience, they optimize serious measures in order to serve only the best quality hosting to every single one of their clients. Whether a newbie blogger or a hotshot business firm, Kinsta is dedicated to offering only the world-class, entirely managed WordPress hosting, in addition to several added benefits.
Kinsta’s cutting-edge and exceptionally advanced technology is the product of its superbly skilled team of proficients. The team at Kinsta has successfully worked with WordPress for well over a decade and thus bestow the clients and the community only the supreme WordPress services.


1. Fully managed WordPress Hosting

Even though Kisnta can be beneficial for all kinds of websites, Kinsta’s generally has a target audience of professional developers and businesses. If you are running a business or if you are a hotshot developer, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have time to handle everything the hosting on your website would require.
Fortunately for all of us, Kinsta bestows with entirely managed hosting services which have personally spared me a lot of efforts and time I would have spent otherwise to run my websites smoothly.

managed wordpress hosting

2. Free of cost Migration

I have responsibility for multiple domain names, and my websites have been in the business for several years now. Before being hosted with Kinsta, it’s natural to assume that I was obviously hosted by some other web host.
However, my prior web hosting provider wasn’t as successive as I had hoped. Soon enough, I stumbled across Kinsta and decided to give it a go. At first, I was under the belief that I would have to pay for the Migration services.
Much to my surprise, Kinsta Migrated my websites with their servers absolutely for free. In addition to that, the Migration process was carried our astoundingly smoothly and before I knew it, I was officially a Kinsta consumer.

3. Free daily Backups and Recovery

I think we can all agree on one universal notion; data is everyone’s most precious asset. Can you even imagine losing your crucial data and not being able to recover it? I’m pretty certain you can’t. It would have my worst nightmare realized if I ever had my database misplaced.
Therefore, a web host which does not recover a client’s database would not exactly fit into the category of being a superior hosting provider.
On the other hand, I discovered that Kinsta provides daily backups of data and thus ensures that the client’s peace of mind is maximized.

4. Toughest security and monitoring

Did you guys know that Kinsta checks its uptime status every 4 minutes? I have encountered some hosts which didn’t even bother to monitor their own serves even once a month, though Kinsta monitors the performance of all the websites hosted within it. A check every 5 minutes equals to a solid figure of 288 checks per day.
Along with the most supreme monitoring, Kinsta also ensures totally free anti-hack guarantee to all of their customers. The client is thus granted instant relief by being offered only the best DDoS and firewall hardware solutions.

5. Real-time reporting

Kinsta certainly excels and ensures a client’s peace of mind by offering internal watch and every 5-minute periodic status checks. However, the extent of Kinsta’s monitoring does not end since it also provides the clients brief reports of the performance of their websites.
A summary of all the logistics and real-time reporting is provided to all of the users. With this feature, the client is thus enabled to be aware of everything that is going on with his website and be an active participant in the process.

Kinsta hosting review

6. Automatic-scaling

I am thoroughly delighted to exclaim that Kinsta’s infrastructure is built on Google cloud platform which means that its servers all processing on the very cloud-based infrastructure which Google powers its own products with.
You can now possess all the authority you seek and the complete power will be at your fingertips.

7. Around the clock technical support

Kinsta has a group of several high-skilled technical experts, who as a team ensure 24/7 assistance and guidance to the customers. They marvel at sharing their technical knowledge with the world and their topmost priority is the customer’s satisfaction.
Kinsta’s premium support ensures immediate response at all times of the day, thus you wouldn’t have to wait several hours just to get a reply.


Kinsta Hosting offers several plans, ranging all the way from $30/mo with 1 WordPress install, all the way to $900/mo with up to 80 WordPress install. The customer shall opt according to his requirements and business size.

kinsta wordpress hosting



  • 15 data-centers globally
  • Flexible interface
  • Ease-of-use functionality and topmost performance
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • We provide Free CDN
  • Free SSL too
  • We have 1440 daily uptime checks
  • Premium application monitoring with New Relic



  • No Email Hosting
  • Kinsta doesn’t offer Domain registration

Final Verdict

Let’s revisit and revise Kinsta’s premium features in a short summary. If a user decides to get hosted with Kinsta, he is not given the standard hosting services. The customer will be offered fully managed WordPress hosting, along with world-class speed, free migration, strict security, daily backups, Google-powered platform, and much more.
If you are still looking for a WordPress web host more supreme then Kinsta, then my friend you will be disappointed. Kinsta is easily the best WordPress host I’ve ever come across. Believe me, when I say this, Kinsta is definitely a deal worth making.

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