Game Web Hosting in Your Budget – Krypton networks

Game Web Hosting in Your Budget – Krypton networks

Web hosting providers produce a great potential for your websites these days. They pretty much hold the power to either make your website thrive with possible triumphs, or end up destroying it altogether before it has the opportunity to bloom and prosper at all.
How, you ask me? Well, let’s put it that way; you put your faith in an unreliable web host for your website, which is a major way for you to put your business in the online market.
However, due to the disregard of proficiency on the appointed web host’s part, your website fails to stay online most times of the day.
If your viewers can’t reach your website at all, they will cease to appreciate it full force and hence, your hopes and dreams of taking your online presence up a top-notch will ultimately face sordid downfalls.
Now, I know you wouldn’t want that happening anytime soon, and so I’ve come up with a web host which is both affordable and the perfect solution for you guys.


Found during the later months of 2016, Krypton has been in the hosting business ever since. Never once did they waver from the track of serving only the best services, better than any other host out there, and in such a reasonable pricing range.
Krypton understands the importance of customer satisfaction, thus their topmost priority is to bestow the clients as best they possibly could. The customers from all over the world sing praises for Krypton’s ability to serve the best solutions for Web, Cloud and Gaming Hosting.
Their team is creative and amazingly skilled. By being hosted by Krypton, the customers are ensured great potential in the very near future. Their game servers never crash and their website uptime response is almost too good to be true.


1. Top-class performance

As soon as I discovered Krypton, I dig in a little deeper and found out as best I could about its services. After the initial research, I decided to give it a shot; after all, it seemed all but worth one shot at least.
Immediately I was hosted with Krypton and kept a close watch over its performance and functionality. It wasn’t long before I realized that Krypton served the kind of performance which big, hot-shot web hosts fail to provide nowadays.
I was thoroughly pleased to discover that Krypton was stable when it came to performance and I quickly got a hang around its cPanel without much trouble.

krypton web hosting

2. 99.9% Uptime guarantee

If you were already looking for a web host then I’m sure you’ve done a little bit of research yourself. If that’s the case then you must know that not a lot of hosts give assurance of 99.9% uptime response.
I’ve seen numerous web hosts stating utmost uptime and failing to provide so. In the end, it leads to conflicting results and angry customers, both of which are hazardous for business.
Such is not the case with Krypton, though. I’ve personally looked for loopholes in Krypton’s uptime guarantee and came up empty-handed. I’ve been reported that my website was available almost all times of the day, thus ensuring absolute uptime. Almost unheard of these days, if you ask me!

3. Around-the-clock customer support

One of the first things I was pleased about with Krypton was their unwavering technical support at all times of the day.
It doesn’t matter how miniature the complication may be, it is to be sorted out within a few hours. Even though I’m familiar with the technical sides of the internet, I’m only human. I felt the need for assistance every once in a while and never once did Krypton’s support disappoint.
In addition to that, it was also very handy to connect with their team as it happened to be quite effortless to contact them.

4. The best DDoS protection of all time

Security is that foremost thing which I would never, in a million years compromise over. I personally require my website to be unproblematic and trouble-free and I’m sure you must feel the similar way.
I’ve been hosted with quite a share of web hosts over the years, and in all honesty, some of them required me to pay an extra fee for DDoS solutions. Krypton, however, isn’t one of those hosts since they included a satisfactory anti-DDoS with their package. With the amount I was paying, I couldn’t bring myself to complain. In all honesty, I was actually content with its security.

5. One Click Installer

One of the worst things that could possibly happen to you after purchasing a web hosting package, is having to endure all the fuss of setting up the hosting on your website and making it acquainted with the servers.
Been there, done that. It gets so exhausting and sucks so much of your time and energy that in the end, you have to ask for technical assistance.
Why go through all that trouble when you have Krypton’s one-click installer. It’s pretty much as straightforward as it sounds. All you have to do is press a few buttons here and there, and before you know it, you’re all set to go! Charming, right?


Web Hosting

Krypton offers three web hosting packages, namely Beginner, Standard, and Extreme. It is payable only at €1.00/mo, €2.50/mo, and €5.00/mo respectively.

Game Hosting

Krypton offers three powerful game servers, namely ARMA3, Garry’s Mod and CS:GO. The starting price for Krypton’s Game hosting is just €1.60/mo.

krypton networks

Cloud Hosting

Krypton’s Cloud hosting is starting at just €2.99/mo for 512MBs, €4.99/mo for 1GB, and €9.99/mo for 2GBs respectively.



  • More than sufficient Disk space
  • Powered by Intel Technology
  • Vast bandwidth to suit your needs
  • Free SSL certification for Standard and Extreme users
  • Powerful cPanel



  • Truth be told, I came up empty handed while searching for any errors in Krypton’s services. They offer more than you could ask for at such cheap prices.

Final Verdict

So, after going through all of Krypton enticing features and its pricing, I’m sure there must be only one thought roaming around in your head; how can they offer so much at such economic prices, right? Well, believe it or not, but that’s what makes Krypton so unique and irresistible.
I definitely recommend it and I think you should go give it a shot right this second. Go get hosted with Krypton if you’re looking for premium quality web and gaming hosting without having to pay hefty money.
I’m a firm believer that Krypton is absolutely worth making a purchase. Do let me know what you think about their services.

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