LivLost Hosting Review – Best Shared Hosting In Your Budget

LivLost Hosting Review – Best Shared Hosting In Your Budget

Don’t you agree that cPanel hosting is quire underappreciated? I mean, if we were talking about managed VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting right now, you’d know ten different companies that offer specialized services of the same.
cPanel hosting, however, is often deprived of sole focus. In simple words, you’d be hard-pressed to find a hosting company that focuses on cPanel hosting with a passion. Most web hosts offer cPanel solutions, but they’re just there at the bottom. If you’ve ever noticed, cPanel hosting is rarely ever highlighted.
Why is that, you wonder? It is not because hosting companies are biased against a particular type. It’s because very few people buy cPanel hosting and it’s even trickier for a company to maintain extensive hardware, software, as well as the network required for it.
The reason why I am favoring cPanel hosting is that it cPanel makes the management of our websites all the more handy. The functions that you wish to perform and execute are at your leisure; all at the same place.
Isn’t that just the epitome of convenience, right? I thought so too.
If you haven’t yet tried out cPanel hosting, now is the perfect opportunity to up your hosting experience by a notch. I have the most perfect solution to all of your website requirements and it gets summed up in just one name- Livlost Networks.
Here’s everything you need to know about Livlost Networks-


Livlost Networks is a company that specializes in cPanel hosting, domain registration & transfers, as well as VPN solutions. In addition to these services, Livlost Networks offers many website solutions as well.
Livlost is a provider that believes in making the customer’s website more secure and manageable, at the same time assuring that it’s hosting needs are met. The team at Livlost Networks understands that having a satisfied customer is way better than running after profits.
This company is capable of offering many more hosting solutions without any hassle but they stick with a few particular services, so as to maximize their excellency.

livlost hosting
Now without further ado, let’s take a look at everything Livlost Networks offers-


Compatible with Weebly

The compatibility with Weebly may not sound like a big deal but in reality, it sure is. If you are just starting fresh and want a website for your business or brand, it will be costly for you, especially if you have a tight budget. Paying a website developer can turn out to be expensive, even if you have the most simple layout in mind.
This is why website builders were introduced. Weebly is a platform that helps you to build your website from scratch. It is well-established and secure and considered one of the best platforms for building your website. As a bonus, Weebly is way cheaper than hiring a developer and although it was a recent decision of Livlost to offer support of Weebly, it has definitely made things easier for a lot of users.
When you can build your website with the utmost of ease, you can then proceed to manage your hosting with LivlostNetworks’s brilliant cPanel solutions.

Easily manageable and transferable domains on cPanel

Livlost Networks allows you to book or transfer a domain from their platform without any hassle. When I said Livlost Networks is a complete website solution, I wholeheartedly meant it. You don’t have to go for a hotshot domain registrar and pay extra money when you book your website’s name.
After you order a domain from Livlost Networks and immediately build a site with the help of Weebly, your hosting package automatically gives you access to your cPanel. cPanel makes managing your domain an effortlessly easy task.

Complete website solutions

Along with a website builder, you can also purchase many other solutions to make your website shine and thrive. For example, there’s this SEO tool offered by Livlost Networks called Marketgoo and if you know the importance of SEO, you’d be aware that it is the single most effective thing that can bring in potential traffic on your site. When you sign up for an SEO plan, you’ll have to follow step-by-step instructions to get your SEO plan in action, after which you can easily track your growth.
Livlost Networks provides automated backups as well, so if you happen to lose your website data due to any malware, you can restore it anytime with a single click. There are anti-malware plans available as well.

Safe website security services

Numerous threats could ruin the online reputation of your website. One of them happens to be malware. Website security is one of the most important things for your site as they are prone to several different vulnerabilities.
One of the most known malware protection tools is SiteLock that runs a daily scan of your site to detect any malicious code or malware and removes it automatically. Livlost Networks are currently offering several SiteLock’s security plans to protect your website against malware.
In addition to that, Livlost Networks is a provider of SSL certificates as well. When the website is SSL certified, your visitors can put their utmost trust in your site.


cPanel Hosting

Livlost has 5 cPanel hosting plans namely Start, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra large. All these plans can be availed at $13.20 annually, $13.40 quarterly, $26.02 quarterly, $16.61/mo, and $31.55/mo respectively.

Livlost hosting

Email Hosting

Livlost has one Email hosting plan of 10GB, that can be availed at $16.81 when billed every 6 months.

For their Website security and backups, SSL, SEO tools, as well as VPN services, kindly check out Livlost’s website for more details.

livlost seo tool



  • Simplified website & server management
  • Linux 99.9% uptime
  • High-speed VPN protection
  • Fantastico and Softaculous auto-installers
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited email aliases



  • No managed VPS or dedicated services


Final Verdict

So there you have it; a detailed and thorough review of Livlost Networks. It has everything that you would expect from a provider whose sole objective is to make a client’s website more manageable and secure.
cPanel hosting is underrated and Livlost has played a crucial role in making a lot of worldwide users aware of its importance. In the era where people usually run after services that are fully managed from the very beginning, it is refreshing to go for a host that hands you the reins of your site for your convenience only.
Go give Livlost Networks a shot and let me know what you think of it.

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