ServerAstra Review – Lightening Fast Speed Servers

ServerAstra Review – Lightening Fast Speed Servers

The world of web hosting is pretty much never-ending. Do you want to know why? Well, because of websites, of course!
As long as people keep relying on websites to boost their online presence, the demand for premium web hosting services will keep touching the peak. Gone are the days of mediocre hosting solutions with which even large websites had to share servers with countless other users.
Now sites and applications that derive a larger amount of traffic are depending on separate or virtual servers to maximize the speed as well as the performance. Surely enough, servers are expensive than your average shared hosting package. However, every single penny you spend will be worth it when you see excellent results being generated from the servers.
I’ve been searching for quality hosts that specialized in VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting services. You could call it my blatant luck that I’d just migrated with my former host and stumbled upon ServerAstra just a few days back.
I gave ServerAstra a shot as I was in a dire need of a new host. Long story short, it was one of those decisions that I took spontaneously, though proved to be rather beneficial. I reckoned that I should review the company so other users such as me could acknowledge it’s worth more.
Here’s everything you need to know about ServerAstra.


Initially started as a Network Service Provider, ServerAstra was first established under the name Azar-A back in 2006. The company started off by providing website hosting, VPS, and server solutions for several years and after just four successful years in the hosting industry, Azar-A ltd was then renamed to ServerAstra Ltd in 2015.
Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, ServerAstra excels in granting quality servers and cloud hosting services throughout Hungary and across the globe. The company is renowned for its fine performance and sturdy security. Speaking of, the data center is heavily secured with round-the-clock CCTV surveillance and armed guards, fire detection and several other sensitive sensors protecting the headquarters.
A customer requires the utmost peace of mind and ServerAstra understands this wholeheartedly. Therefore, for several years the team at ServerAstra has worked towards offering suitable and reliable hosting solutions to the users.
Without further ado, let’s take a glimpse at ServerAstra amazing features-


Immediate setup and installation

I’ve come across very few web hosts that went as far as to guarantee immediate setup and repair assistance. I was very pleased to see that ServerAstra is, in fact, one of those service providers that believe in the quick installation of their products.
The company leaves no stones unturned to please the customers and guarantees that their system will be deployed within just 1 hour. If you’re not an amateur, you must know that deploying the servers take time and exertion. Kudos to ServerAstra for putting the installation and repairs amongst their top priorities.
Speaking of repairs, ServerAstra claims a 6-hour system repair time. Whenever you feel that you might need their assistance, they’re guaranteed to sort out your issues without much of a hassle.

serverastra review

Takes care of your Privacy

Privacy is something one must not compromise with, under any circumstance. Oftentimes web hosts don’t cooperate with the user’s confidentiality and intentionally or unintentionally discloses important information that the user would rather keep private.
ServerAstra, thankfully, isn’t one of those providers. I’ve researched long and hard on ServerAstra’s approach to privacy. I found that the company abides by required security and high-level encryption. ServerAstra optimizes under the latest technology and believes in keeping the software as well as the hardware fully protected.
You get a free IPv4/32 and a IPv5/128 along with your VPS and server plans. Optionally you can opt for one IPv6/64 subnetwork. If you wish to purchase an additional IP, you can do so at just €4/mo.

Provides total authority over services

I appreciate a company that helps the user to feel important and authoritative. My former host didn’t give me administrative control access and it put a hindrance on a lot of my work. ServerAstra allows me to handle the management of my site with precision.
In addition to that, ServerAstra is quite flexible in terms of connectivity as well. The company is powered on 180+gbps network and guarantees 99.995% uptime response time which is higher than most providers I’ve been hosted with.
You get remote control over IPKVM and VNC access with a power switch, kernel configurations, and much more.

Customer support and reliability

One of the best features of ServerAstra is their excellent support. They pay special heed to support as they’ve always believed customer satisfaction is first and foremost. Their average response time is quicker than you’d expect. The proficient team at ServerAstra has at least a decade’s worth of experience and claims to reply to your support tickets and emails within 15 minutes.
They even have a live chat feature that enables you to reach out to the team and have them reply immediately. It’s quite time-convenient and proven to be more effective. The team is dedicated to handle the complaints and queries of the customer and give their level best to resolve them as quickly as possible.


Stellar Cloud VPS

ServerAstra has Cloud VPS and Cloud Pro packages available. These packages range between €3.99/mo to €55.99/mo when billed annually.

Serverastra Review

Dedicated Servers

ServerAstra has EX series unmetered dedicated servers ranging between €79.00/mo to €249.00/mo.
The EX series limited edition dedicated servers with 30TB of traffic range between €79.00/mo to €99.00/mo.
The Ryzen Zen Generation 3 series servers are starting from €129.00/mo.



  • Custom ISO to install operating systems
  • 15 minutes ticket response time
  • Anti-DDoS and 3-layer firewall protection
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • 180+ network connectivity
  • Latest tech with high-security measures
  • 7 days money-back guarantee



  • None that I could find

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for premium quality servers that will serve your organizational requirements with maximum professionalism, then ServerAstra is the perfect candidate to shortlist.
I’m not going to lie, when it comes to dedicated servers, there’s severe competition and you may find better providers than ServerAstra.
However, at such affordable prices, you get free IP addresses and top-notch performance on your servers. Their Cloud and VPS solutions are also praise-worthy and preferred by users worldwide.
The best thing about ServerAstra is that they don’t bind you for at least a year. You can rent a server for just a month and even if you’re not satisfied with it, you can avail of your refund within the first seven days of making the purchase.
What more could you possibly ask for, right?

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