SkyNetHosting Review – Best Reseller Hosting to Start Your Business

SkyNetHosting Review – Best Reseller Hosting to Start Your Business

Reseller hosting is one of my most favorite and I have grown a soft spot for it. Many users shy away from it. However, I don’t understand the fuss people create against reseller hosting. Reseller plans are brilliant for making a tremendous amount of profit. Also, the services are remarkably cheap.
Although, there are a few catches which drive a lot of users away and they end up favoring shared hosting plans instead of reseller ones. Most users demand a unique cPanel and reseller packages don’t provide separate control panels for each domain name.
However, on a rare occasion when you cross paths with a quality reseller host, the servers and the shared control panel shouldn’t be much of a setback. A premium host like SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. with eminent reselling services can put an end to every single one of your hesitations.
Well, without further ado, let’s read more about SkyNet Hosting and you shall see that it falls right under the category of a ‘premium quality’ hosting company.

About Inc was first established back in 2004. With well over 15 years of excellence in the web hosting industry, has emerged as a leading provider of reseller services and allowed many happy customers to start their own hosting companies and brands. has 25 datacenters in 7 countries and has hosted more than 7, 00,000 websites on their servers. The team is focused on bestowing topmost satisfaction to the customers and over the years, they’ve proven that the quality is never compromised although thousands of domains are hosted under their LiteSpeed servers.
Let’s discuss why is one of the most reputed reseller hosts in the industry right now-


1. Works brilliantly with WordPress

WordPress is a platform that pretty much everyone uses nowadays. From rookie bloggers to hotshot websites owners, it’s a single most optimized CMS platform as of 2019. is fully optimized with WordPress and offers remarkable performance.
Other than WordPress, you can optimize other CMS platforms as well; however, I found that WordPress was their stronger suit as it was easier to install WordPress with
Speaking of the installation, you can install WordPress in just a blink of an eye. The control panel enables you to install upgrades, popular plug-ins and LiteSpeed Cache can also be accessed with a single click.

2. Free of cost WHMCS license

Not many web hosts provide free WHMCS license, especially not with plans as economic as offers. easily spares you from spending $15.95/mo and at the same automates your entire hosting experience.
You no longer have to worry about the support management on your site as WHMCS focuses on account signups, terminations, payments, and automates the billing.

3. CageFS Hack Protection

Reseller hosting is generally not considered the most secure kind. The fact that all users share not only a server but also a single control panel, it puts uncertainty in the minds of people. If proper security measures aren’t taken, unauthorized users can get a hold of your sensitive data without so much as a warning. has a virtual file-system installed which plays a huge part in upholding the customer’s privacy. CageFS works uniquely in distinguishing each client’s data and working processes and secures them in a remote area. This ensures that your data is always out of prying eyes.

4. Unlimited SSL certificates and free migration

If you’re thinking about reselling hosting services, you must ensure that the migration and SSL certificate you’re providing to your customers are free of cost. If you charge your customers for such mundane tasks, it’s not going to look good for business. offers free Let’sEncrypt SSL certificates for all your customers and you can manage, upgrade, and restore them on the cPanel.
Along with SSL certs, is open to perform hundreds of migration for you as well as your clients, without charging a single penny.

5. Automated backup

You and your customers can backup all of your data on a daily or weekly basis with the best backup service known to mankind. In the rare occasion, if you ever happen to lose your data, the backups will immediately restore themselves at your convenience.
Not just your basic website files, but provides backups for your emails and MySQL database as well.


Unlimited SSD Reseller Hosting

Power-packed with the sturdiest VNAND 3D SSD, take your reseller game up a notch. With decent uptime, you can offer your customers the most stable reseller services. With a free Domain Reseller account, WHMCS license, and spam-free email cloud, easily create your website with an amazing SitePad drag-and-drop editor.
The plans are ranging from $1.95 for the first month and $8.95/mo from second month onwards to VIP $8.95 for the first month and $24.95/mo from second month onwards.

Master Reseller Hosting

Master Reseller hosting comes with the basic features, along with Attracta SEO tools for ranking and promotion, WHMCS license, Dedicated IP, Softaculous, and much more.
The plans are ranging from $12.45/mo to $55.95/mo respectively.

Budget Reseller Hosting offers astonishingly cheap reseller hosting with one-click auto scrip installer, many SEO tools, unlimited accounts, and much more.
The plans are ranging from $4.95/mo to $8.95/mo.

VPS Reselling and Dedicated Server Reselling

SkyNetHosting is giving out astonishing discounts on their VPS and Dedicated Reselling plans. You can avail a solid 50% discount along with your corporate VIP reselling package and 40% discount in VIP reselling package.
Therefore, the VPS reselling packages are starting at just $39.95/mo, plus additional $25 for the setup.
The VPS reselling packages are starting at $6.95/mo, plus additional $5 for the setup.

SEO Hosting offers remarkable IP hosting reseller plans which enable your websites to rank higher in the search engines. Their geolocation IP manager also allows the customers to conveniently change the location of their website with the help of WHM.
The multi-location reseller hosting is ranging from $34.95/mo to $64.95/mo.



  • Reseller WHM and free WHMCS license
  • 24/7 live support with average 1 hour response period
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Supports multiple PHP versions, CloudLinuxOS, CloudFlare CDN
  • Free Merchant account and Domain reseller
  • Powered with LiteSpeed Webserver



  • Only USA location offers NVMe Drives
  • LiteSpeed and WordPress Cache is only offered for Corporate Reseller Plans, all other plans comes with stranded apache web server

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it. I’ve thoroughly narrowed down everything there is to know about Ever since their formation in 2004, the company has come a long way. Their clientele is quite impressive and I asked around just to be sure if was worthy of a positive review or not.
Let me make myself very clear; there were very few feedbacks from users who have had a bad experience with Most of the customers, just like myself, were rather satisfied with their reseller services.
I’d say is worth trying out.

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