Temok Hosting Review – Trustworthy Hosting with Affordable Prices

Temok Hosting Review – Trustworthy Hosting with Affordable Prices

I’m no amateur myself; I have years of experience with several web hosts from the market. Throughout my journey of trying out different hosting, I came across a large variety of web hosting companies, some of which were downright amazing, while some not so much.
Just to clear the air, let me ask you guys something? What is web hosting? There’s only one accurate way to answer that. A hosting is like a fuel to your website. It not only develops it, but it presents your website to the Internet world, and ultimately to your viewers. Now you see my point of hand-picking only the best web-hosts out there.
In this article, I’ll be reviewing Temok, a premium hosting company offering excellent web hosting services, and along the way, I’ll be sharing my experience and opinions regarding Temok.


Temok has been in the hosting business since well over 8 successful years. This company was initiated by a very talented team of proficient’s who were working day and night with the objective of bringing quality hosting technologies to the world.
With headquarters at the United States, UK, and other large countries around the globe, Temok has efficiently served more than 8,000 leading clients and has successfully joined forces with few of the major brand names in the industry.


Throughout my own experience with Temok, I encountered various marvelous characteristics, all of which I would like to share. Here are some of the most important features offered by Temok. Let’s have a look-

1. Free Setup

Just like every sane person, I dread the inevitable process of having to Setup a hosting. It’s a pain in the head, to be precise. The whole process takes time, not to mention energy. Unluckily for me, I’ve been caught up with many a prior web hosts, and their hosting was just downright complicated. Their installations alone gave me nightmares.
That was up until I was hosted with Temok. I was pleasantly satisfied with its services when I discovered that its setup and installation was blatantly easy, not to mention absolutely free. The moment I decided that Temok was definitely worth a shot was when I realized that they were providing totally no-cost, easiest setup ever.

temok dedicated hosting

2. Fully Customized

The installation process was a cake walk. However, I admit that I was a tad anxious about what came next. I kept thinking what if the setup was simplistic just because I got lucky in that department. The initial tension was pent up because, well, honestly I was dreading that I would have to go through the manual settings to customize the hosting as per my requirements.
The task of sorting out each and every setting was bound to take long hours out of my busy schedule.
However, no such thing happened, since I was quickly acquainted with the fact that Temok’s amazing hosting was entirely customized and its settings were already ready-to-go. All I had to do was pick a few settings here and there, and my website was all good to go.

3. Impressive 24/7 Support

Believe me when I say this; Temok’s customer services are just world-class. A few days into being hosted with them, a query popped up and I suddenly had to contact them on an urgent basis. I immediately reached out to their support team and was pleasantly surprised to see them responding back so quickly since I wasn’t expecting a reply for at least a day or two. Instead, my complication was sorted out within mere minutes.
Temok’s team is available all times of the day. They are dedicated towards helping their clients whenever needed. Along with that, they are amazingly friendly and at the same time professional.

4. Premium SSL Services

To be precise, I would not put my faith in a hosting company which fails to serve the required SSL certifications. SSL certificates are, after all, important and crucial when it comes to encryption. They must be supreme and reasonable at all costs. Otherwise, without premium SSL services, your websites would be compromised with privacy.
Temok, however, is uniquely different. I bought my SSL certificates and was pleased with the product I received. Suffice to say, their SSL certification is something which cannot be overlooked.

5. 99% Uptime Response

As an avid achiever, I want my websites to be available at all times. I’m even willing to pay extra costs to acquire topmost availability of my websites with speedy functionality. During my prior experience, I’ve come across various web hosting companies claiming to be providing 100% uptime with a guarantee, however failing to perform so.
Temok is thankfully true to its words. There are no false declarations, and definitely no unjust motives. I was pleased to encounter my websites were available, and there was rarely ever a difficulty in the uptime response.


Shared Hosting

Temok’s Windows shared hosting has four packages, payable at $8.99/mo, $10.99/mo, $12.99/mo, and $16.99/mo.
Temok’s Linux shared hosting also has four packages, payable at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo, $11.99/mo and $12.99/mo.

temok shared hosting

Reseller Hosting

Temok’s reseller hosting plans are ranging from $24.99/mo to $89.00/mo respectively.
Timok’s Dedicated reseller program is starting from just $50.

VPS Hosting

Temok’s VPS hosting plans are ranging from $26.95/mo to $68.95/mo.

temok vps hosting

Dedicated Servers

Temok’s dedicated servers’ program is ranging from $66.00/mo to $220.00/mo.



  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts, sub-domains, and FTP accounts
  • Free OS reinstall and reboot
  • No-cost Migration
  • Affordable prices
  • 100% risk-free



  • The user interface is a tad old and a little complicated

Final Verdict

I was always under the deceivable assumption that one couldn’t fully trust a website hosting until and unless one’s been hosted with it for quite some time. Before being hosted with Temok, I was a firm believer in that false conjecture.
However, in a short amount of time, I had learned that Temok and its services are entirely trust-worthy and totally recommendable to all of you folks reading this review.
I will never write a misguided statement, thus Temok is by far the most secured, and quality serving web hosting company out there. Give it a shot and I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you think about its services so far!

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