Vander Host Review – Detailed Pros, Cons and Pricing

Vander Host Review – Detailed Pros, Cons and Pricing

It has become increasingly difficult these past few years to find a reliable web host. My belief in hotshot hosting providers seemed to be wavering lately. After all, I found far superior quality packages from newer, way less expensive web hosts. I no longer see any sense in paying more than necessary on hosting my websites. I’d rather not over-extend my budget to have services of the same quality that I’d get in less popular and smaller web hosts.
Web hosting has become severely important and in today’s day and age, it is considered as one of the most essential investments for any business, irrespective of its size and category the brand. In order to boost their online presence, pretty much every company builds a website that represents their business to the viewers. It is crucial to invest in a reliable provider, as web hosting is the oasis that stores the database of the website and makes it available for the world to see.
In today’s day and age, it has become increasingly complex to find web hosting providers that live up to the expectations. Some hot-shot hosts charge way too much and then there are small hosting companies that more often than not, turn out to be fraudulent.
It’s important to check the authenticity of a web host before hosting your website since it is one of the most crucial steps towards your brand’s online success. In this article, I’ll be reviewing Vander Host, a leading South African web hosting company that is known for its premium quality and reliability.


Vander Host is a South African web hosting company with headquarters in Cape Town. The founders started their first web hosting company back in 1998, therefore, the original team that commenced Vander Host has over 22 years of proficiency in the hosting industry.  It was impressive for a web host to have a comprehensive experience so I decided to give them a try.
Long story short, I absolutely loved what Vander Host had to offer. The company has 10 data centers all over the world and the quality they served was better than most hosts I’ve come across recently. They serve a wide variety of hosting packages and businesses of all sizes can benefit tremendously by opting for an affordable plan that best suits their organizational requirements.
Here’s everything you need to know about-


99.9% uptime guarantee

Uptime plays a bigger role than you might think. When you check out a web hosting provider’s website, you may have seen the word ‘uptime’ thrown around quite a few times. Have you ever stopped to wonder what this term means and how much importance it could hold? I doubt so.
Frequent server downtime is one of my biggest pet peeves. I cannot bear having my website down or inaccessible for any reason whatsoever. This is what uptime is; the higher the uptime response of a web host, the less likely your site will be unavailable due to server errors. Vander Host guarantees a solid 99.9% guarantee and it is tried and tested by me, that this host stays true to its word. In the duration I was hosted with them, there were very rare downtime issues, and even so, oftentimes they got fixed so quickly and couldn’t even be detected.

vander shared hosting

Virtualmin, cPanel, and Plesk control panels

The Control panel is considered as a web hosts’ highest-selling point these days. A provider that grants the most sophisticated and efficient control panel surely outshines in the hosting market. I have stood witness to Vander Host and throughout all the months I’ve been hosted with them, I’ve been observant of their clientele increasing ever since they commenced the optimization of cPanel, Virtualmin, and Plesk control panels.
I found Virtualmin to be far more superior to other panels. It supports a wide variety of languages and is very user-friendly.

Top-notch customer service

One of the reasons why I admire Vander Host is due to their customer service. This company has easily the best customer service I’ve encountered in a long time. It doesn’t matter to Vander Host’s team whether you have a large business or just starting with a simple blog; the team offers the same attention to every customer. The team is proficient and has been working in the technical department for years; therefore, solving a client’s hardships is what they do best.
I think they maintain the perfect balance of being professional as well as friendly at the same time. You can contact the team via support tickets. As far as I can see on their website, there’s no live chat available which is a bummer. However, they do have an extensive knowledge base and tutorials that help in getting a hang of all things hosting-related.


VPS Hosting

Vander Host’s South African VPS hosting packages are ranging between $11.88/mo to $149.27/mo.
Vander Host’s International VPS hosting packages are ranging between $17.60/mo to $202.63/mo.

vander vps hosting

Web Hosting

Vander Host’s web hosting plans are ranging between $2.33/mo to $26.20/mo.

vander host

Reseller Hosting

Vander Host’s reseller hosting plans are ranging between $44.70/mo to $89.45/mo.

vander host review

WordPress Hosting

Vander Host’s WordPress hosting plans are ranging between $4.12/mo to $26.23/mo.

Vander Host

Laravel Hosting

Vander Host’s Laravel hosting plans on SSD servers are ranging between $7.71/mo to $26.23/mo.
There’s a wide variety of payment options available with which the customer can purchase Vander Host’s services from anywhere in the world.

Vander Host



  • WHM/cPanel, Virtualmin, and Plesk
  • Around-the-clock support
  • Easy and automated upgrades
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Free domain name registration/transfer
  • Several pre-installed scripts



  • No live chat

Final Verdict

If you are tired of putting up with the constantly increasing demands and prices of hotshot web hosts, then I would suggest you should give Vander Host a shot. This decision would only be beneficial since there’s a money-back guarantee within the first 30 days so you avail your money if you don’t like their services.
Suffice to say, I’ve been acquainted with Vander Host for a few months now; I like their commitment towards the customers and how confident they are in their services.
They offer a free domain name registration or transfer, have a lot of pre-installed scripts that make things easier for us, grant brilliant uptime, and the control panels are quite user-friendly. You cannot ask for more in such a price range, can you?

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