Virtono Hosting Review – Affordable Cloud Hosting

Virtono Hosting Review – Affordable Cloud Hosting

I don’t get why providers don’t focus much on cloud hosting. Every company puts so much emphasis on Web and CMS hosting, that I can’t help but feel as though cloud hosting is rather neglected by many hosts.
In my long years of experience, I have come across very few providers which were cloud hosting focused. Even when I do stumble upon a cloud provider or two, it didn’t live up to my expectations as I had hoped.
You guys might’ve noticed that I have never posted a review of a cloud hosting provider before this. Well, I have never found a host which was as good as Virtono. It offers all kinds of hosting solutions, but their forte remains to be Cloud.
I have used Virtono for just a short time of two weeks. Initially, I wasn’t so sure about this company. However, as time progressed and I started noticing that my website was loading faster than usual, I figured it was worth writing a review about.
Before we kick off, let us introduce you to the company first and foremost:


Virtono was established in 2014 and ever since its commencement, the company has left no stones unturned to make the hosting experience a little more advanced, a little more developed, and a little more affordable.
Not just in Romania, but Virtono is a renowned web hosting company worldwide and known for its hosting services and astonishing cloud infrastructure. In addition to that, Virtono has seven datacentres scattered all across the world. Each of these datacentres is connected to Virtono’s own network to ensure top speed on the servers.
The team at Virtono is highly professional and experienced in their respective fields and thrives to provide a reasonable hosting experience to the customers.


Immediate activation and access to the cPanel

I have been unfortunate enough to come across many web hosts that didn’t provide instant activation even after I’ve made the full payment. I’m not one who likes to wait around, especially where my websites are concerned. I always look for immediate installation of services and I prefer having full control over the cPanel as soon as possible.
Virtono certainly didn’t disappoint in that aspect. The immediate activation is not just a myth as Virtono actually offers it to customers. It spares you from wasting any time and makes your site live and responsive without much hassle.

Virtono Hosting Review

Speed and performance

If there’s one thing I didn’t worry about, it was speed. Virtono effectively manages to provide blazing-fast speeds over the servers. The first thing I noticed after purchasing Virtono’s package was that they operate only on RAID SSD drives and are against HDD ones. It’s a wise choice, I’d say as SSD drives are ten times faster and more effective for file transfers and responsiveness. In addition to that, SSD drives have a comparatively high fault resistance; therefore, it ensures there aren’t any frequent downtimes.
When we talk about performance, I’ve had no issues with Virtono so far. They operate with highly advanced hardware and leave no stones unturned to supply satisfying outcomes. Virtono is powered with the latest HPe servers as well as Cisco routers and their hypervisors are linked with several 10G networks.
The page load time is recorded to be 1.1s and PageSpeed Grade is derived to be D (63%), with YSlow Grade of D (67%) which is a little low. It can withhold a total number of 22 requests and total page sizes are of 739KBs.

100% uptime response

Indeed, I haven’t used Virtono’s packages for a long time. In just a short period, I have grown fond of Virtono. The reason is that I’m yet to face downtime on my website. Virtono’s nodes and networks are really sturdy and can withstand any inconvenience without letting the websites being affected.
If their servers and networks are on shutdown due to a major nuisance in the future, then I’m not sure whether the site will still be live. Well, that’s yet to happen so I cannot comment on it.
The site loads pretty quickly and is very responsive. Suffice to say, I’m quite pleased with Virtono’s uptime.

Real-time monitoring and reporting

Of course, you would like to see tabs on how your website is performing, right? Everyone is a tad possessive of their respective websites; it happens to the best of us. In order to derive peace of mind that your website is performing as per your expectations, Virtono ensures that its nodes and networks are being monitored around-the-clock.
If there’s ever a change in the servers, the customers are immediately notified so they could act upon it.

Virtono Hosting Review

virtono hosting review

Around-the-clock technical support

When it comes to Support, I am not complaining. As I’ve already mentioned above, the Virtono team is highly professional and every member knows what they’re doing in their respective fields. Customer satisfaction is Virtono’s foremost priority and they do everything in their prowess to uphold these values.
Virtono is available to the customer throughout the year, 24/7. Rest assured, if you ever feel like you’ve turned a hard corner, the team is always on standby for assistance.


Web Hosting

Virtono’s web hosting packages are ranging between €0.80/mo to €9.00/mo.

Dedicated Hosting

Virtono’s fully managed dedicated servers are ranging between €29.95/mo to €169.95/mo.

Cloud Linux VPS

Virtono’s Linux VPS hosting is ranging between €2.95/mo to €34.95/mo.

Cloud Windows VPS

Virtono’s Windows VPS hosting is ranging between €9.95/mo to €59.95/mo.



  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited databases and backups
  • cPanel and WHM
  • SSH/FTP full access
  • Instant activation
  • 100% uptime and rapid servers



  • Migration is not included in the plan
  • After cancellation, full refund not given

Final Verdict

If you haven’t come to a positive conclusion even after reading the review, let me tell you; Virtono is amazingly reliable. In terms of uptime, speed, support, and responsiveness, you’d be hard-pressed to find a web host as inexpensive and effective as Virtono.
It’s got everything a hotshot web hosting provider has. The datacentres are scattered all over the world to ensure lightning-fast speed on networks and it is powered by RAID SSD drives for an enhanced cloud experience.
The uptime is commendable and you will never witness your site to be down for too long and you unlock countless other features at pretty reasonable prices. What else could you possibly ask for?

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  1. I don’t have anything to complain about Virtono hosting. In fact, I enjoyed the hands on experience. The team is always there to back you up in areas that you need help with and they have always been happy to help. With the tools that they have, I find it very easy to set up my website to my own preference.

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