WebHostPro Review – Trusted Web Hosting For Enterprises

WebHostPro Review – Trusted Web Hosting For Enterprises

The process began in 1998, and in a short time evolved into years of intense project experience and even their own data centre. Web Host Pro happened when two Internet proficient met in Los Angeles and discussed their internet ventures. A year afterwards, they both realised that finding an excellent, dependable web hosting that comes from trustworthy providers was tough. In an effort to provide a dependable web hosting service, they collaborated to launch DWHS (Domain Web Hosting Service) in 2001. This has enabled DWHS to purchase a data centre in downtown LA, becoming an equal partner in the venture. It provided them with great flexibility to explore server and network setups since they had a cutting-edge data centre at their disposal. This encouraged them to win their first prize for the quickest web hosting in 2006 when Netsol gave them an award for that. In 2012, they acquired their second data centre and were promoted to Web Host Pro. With a customer-first attitude, they serve over 50,000 consumers. They are pleased to guarantee a 100% network uptime, and that they have made real progress since 2011.
I first came across Web Host Pro when a viewer suggested it to me and made me curious after they said that is it one of the best American web hosting providers apparently. After going through their website and reading all of this information about their hosting ventures, my curiosity was at its peak. I figured that it was time I tested Web Host Pro and reviewed it.


Web Host Pro exclusively makes use of the quickest and most dependable worldwide networks that are currently accessible. It shouldn’t matter where you are on the globe. Using Web Host Pro’s Tier 1 networks, you can have lightning-fast and dependable connectivity to your Internet service provider. We exclusively utilise the highest-quality business-grade hardware, enterprise SSD hard disks, and they are continuously upgrading to the most reliable server technology that is currently available on the market. They give away outdated hardware and servers to companies and individuals who may not otherwise be able to purchase a server on which to study. Trying to locate the most up-to-date and finest hardware to upgrade outdated servers that will be given is a never-ending cycle. The vast majority of their clients who switch from other web providers immediately see a significant boost in traffic as a result of their website’s improved speed. Web Host Pro also restricts the number of accounts that may be hosted on a single server to about 200 websites simultaneously. Their rivals, such as those you see on television, host hundreds of users on a single server. The issue is that these over-sold limitless web servers are losing you clients, repeat visits, and a higher search engine rating. As a result, the modest savings offered by congested hosts are not worth it when compared to a quality web host such as Web Host Pro.
There are many enchanting features that Web Host Pro offers which you should have a look at-


Instant Activation with best tools available

There’s no need to hold your breath. Your web hosting plan will be activated and available to use as immediately as your payment has been processed and confirmed. Web Host Pro has included the most powerful website creation and management features accessible anywhere. Their website builder, which includes contemporary responsive designs, as well as the most popular free scripts/app installer allow you to quickly and easily integrate WordPress, shopping carts, and dozens of other applications with a single click. You may simply upgrade or reduce to any plan with no additional costs besides the difference in price between the two plans. This is cutting-edge scalability, and it simplifies the decision-making process when getting started. You have the option to alter your plans at any moment.

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Fasted servers with 99.99% uptime

Since Web Host Pro began operating in 2001, they have continuously updated their connections, resulting in the most dependable and speedy networks available on the market. According to several search engines, their connection is quicker than 92 percent of the whole Internet and has been rated for being speedier by major network testing facilities. The most common reason for users to abandon a website since it is sluggish to respond and does not load in any way. If you are too sluggish, search engines such as Google may penalise you and decrease your rating. Since 2011, their infrastructure has maintained a 99.9 percent uptime. This is something that practically no web hosting provider can boast of. This is accomplished via the implementation of a reduced drop-off network. Their programme maintains a check of all the big channels and keeps a record of the quickest and most dependable, among other things. Website Hosting Pro then takes down the lowest-level connections on a real-time basis and replaces them with a quicker connection in the background.

Top-notch and reliable customer support

Web Host Pro’s Los Angeles and Las Vegas data centres are staffed by knowledgeable webmasters that are easy to communicate with. They are available 24 hours, seven days a week. Contact their helpful team through live chat, telephone, or their customer support ticketing desk to learn more about their products and services. Video demonstrations, handbooks, and frequently asked questions are also accessible for every product that they provide. Any queries you have about anything may be answered by their staff at any time, even if you decide to cancel your hosting plan before the 45-day period has expired, you will get a complete refund over most solutions with no issues raised by the staff whatsoever.


Web Hosting

Web Host Pro’s web hosting plans are starting at just $6.95/mo.

webhost pro hosting

Reseller Hosting

Web Host Pro’s reseller hosting plans are starting at just $24.95/mo.

VPS Hosting

Web Host Pro’s VPS hosting plans are starting at just $18.99/mo.

webhost pro

Dedicated Servers

Web Host Pro’s dedicated servers are starting at just $99.00/mo.

dedicated hosting review



  • HP G9 RAID 10 Cluster high-performance servers
  • Effortless website builder
  • Two dozen 1-click plugins
  • Around-the-clock support
  • Free SSL and Migration
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Powerful cPanel
  • A limited number of websites hosted per server



  • Not exactly affordable

Final Verdict

Web Host Pro is a well-rounded web hosting service. If all you want is a simple website, you can get started for as low as $6.95 a month with hosting from Webhost.pro. Do you want something more? You have the option to upgrade your shared hosting plan at any time. However, if you want complete control, you may go for virtual private server (VPS) hosting or even a dedicated server.
Certainly, they are not the cheapest web host, but they are among the most dependable web hosts available on the market. If you’re prepared to spend a little more for exceptional performance, I’d strongly suggest Web Host Pro as your web hosting provider.

3 thoughts on “WebHostPro Review – Trusted Web Hosting For Enterprises

  1. I can express the point that Web Host Pro is a reliable web host. Is a little expensive in comparison with other hosting sellers, but it is very very difficult to find elsewhere such a support service. For us, this is the principal aggregate value. Just contact their support, tell your requirements and they will help you to choose the best hosting account for your specific needs.

  2. I’ve had my website with Web Host Pro for a number of years. It’s solid as far as being up and running at all times. My experience with tech support has been prompt and helpful responses

  3. I’m a big fan of WordPress and Web Host Pro is great for me. It is cheap and I get a lot of tools to play around with – some and I haven’t even used yet but still. The server speeds are amazing and I wish more hosts were as fast as this place for the price.

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